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Healthy Relationship; The Secrets

Written by Abdullah

Relationships are not easy. Remember that every relationship goes through many ups and downs before it is considered a healthy one. By starting your relationship with a positive and healthy foundation, you and your partner are more likely to build a good relationship that brings out the best in both of you and makes you feel safe, secure and loved. It is difficult to sustain a healthy relationship but it is so worth it.

Do you want to build a new relationship with someone, or are you looking forward to enhancing your existing relationship with your significant other? These four strategies are proven to help you.

Communicating with your partner:

Communicating is one of the essential elements of a successful relationship. When you verbally express all your emotions and feelings to your significant other, you build an emotional connection that enables both of you to describe everything to each other without any hesitation. Communication is the key. When you trust your partner enough to communicate about anything, it leads to a level of trust between you and your loved one that is unprecedented.

  • Solving disputes

Communication is more than merely talking about your day. In reality, communication means that if you have any uncertainty or if something exists in the relationship which bothers you, you must tell your partner about it. This is essential as it plays a significant role in solving interpersonal conflicts as unresolved problems always put the relationship at risk.

  • Respectful disagreement

Sitting down with your partner and discussing every detail of your relationship and daily life is one of the best ways to communicate. Letting your partner know of the areas of the relationship that you disagree with and those you agree with plays a pivotal role in finding the solution to your problems. As a result, you not only spend time with your partner, but the problems and issues are also evaluated, which are most likely to be solved because of the communication.

Spending quality time together:

Spending time with the same person can quite often become boring. To avoid this, you must plan on activities that you must do together and plan time by yourself.

  • Having fun together

The chances are that when you first started dating, you were most likely spending most of your time with your significant other by physically being with them or chatting with them. You always had time to try new exciting things with your partner, but it does not always remain the same. As time passes, we become busier in work and other obligations. It would be best to make time for your significant other in times like this and engage in fun activities.

  • Making a schedule to spend more time together:

Spending time together can be demanding as you have many other things to do. But it would help if you spent time together. So, how can you manage to do so despite other business? You can do so by committing to a specific routine that both of you can manage to follow. Then, when it is time to do so, put away all your distractions and engage with your loved one completely, try to perform activities that you both enjoy. Do this every day so that the fun from the relationship never fades away.

Creating healthy boundaries:

You must be open and transparent with your significant other, but creating healthy boundaries determines how much time you will spend together and what kind of activities you do not prefer in your relationship. Healthy boundaries do not make you feel trapped but rather make you respect your partner more.

  • Sexual boundaries

Healthy boundaries can include sexual boundaries. For example, your partner might want to be sexually exclusive, and you must respect their choice and build a boundary not to exceed the limits. There are certain things that your partner might not like during sexual intimacy, and you have to keep those things in mind so that both of you enjoy good and healthy sex life.

  • Social boundaries:

Your partner might also set social boundaries regarding the time they spend with their friends. It would be best to create boundaries regarding the things you do not feel comfortable with. For example, if you are not pleased with your partner calling you during a meeting, communicate with them and set proper boundaries. Boundaries make you realize that your partner has a life of their own and is not entirely devoted to you. Making compromises on boundaries is a healthy aspect of a good relationship.

Developing trust with your partner:

When you build a foundation for your relationship, you must consider trust as the fundamental value. In all productive and healthy relationships, the people truly trust each other. Trust helps you and your partner grow together. When you or your partner goes through uncertainty and tension, you have to trust each other to be there for you, and it is done only when you truly trust your partner.

  • Be honest

Always be honest with your partner. Even in bad times, try to avoid lying to your significant other. Because lying is one thing that can badly influence a good relationship.

  • Admit your mistakes:

When you admit your mistakes in front of your significant other, you show them that they can trust you in every situation. Although everyone makes mistakes, it is best always to admit your own mistakes. This way, you and your partner can build a relationship filled with trust and honesty.


Special Matrimony has put together these steps and strategies to ensure that you are in a healthy relationship. We aim to help people looking to improve their relationships or starting a relationship with someone.

So follow these tips and strategies to build a healthy foundation for your relationship which benefit you and your partner, and make the two of you have a healthy relationship.

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