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The Secret to a Successful Marriage

Syra Salam

Written by Syra Salam

A successful marriage is a dream for many.

“Success in a marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate but through being the right mate.

” Barnet R. Brickner “

When we fall in love, we often see people feel butterflies in the stomach, every walk with their partner seems like a pleasant beach walk on a moonlit night, and every sound seems like a sound of the music and bands playing at their wedding. Sounds lovely! Isn’t it? Yes, it’s obvious, with that optimistic and loveable view, everything seems perfect!

Then, they tie a knot of marriage happily and seal their bond with a maxim, “Till death do us apart“. But at that moment, they don’t think that this is not just a saying; it is instead a testing task for the wedded couples to keep their bond passionate and long-lasting till death.

When time passes, the passion of love dims, the sparkles blur, and the most cherished feelings seem ordinary. There is no excitement and no more the wow factor or beloved moments. It’s simply your regular day-to-day routine becoming dull and boring. At that point, they understand that this is not a fairytale that they read in poems or not a mesmerizing fantasy they are living in!

This is why the wise ones say, “Falling in love with someone is easy, but staying in love is not so far that easy.”

Or sometimes it becomes difficult, do you know why? Because couples do not buckle down to fix the issues, instead surrender and consider that this relationship has been out of hands. There is no way back.

But on a sincere note, only a passionate insight to make consistent but little efforts is the foundation of a fulfilling and practical relationship.

Can you believe if I say it is possible to make it a long-lasting love? If I say, it is easy to develop the same burning desire of wanting each other? And further, If I can foretell you can be the couple who can celebrate a golden anniversary?

I believe this is possible! So let me make you think it too.

What you need to do for a successful marriage is to follow the secrets as listed below:

Change your Mind, Change your Marriage

The first steppingstone is to change your mindset about marriage. Considerations and perspectives resemble the driving force of a train, and our feelings and conduct compare the rear. Yet, both are necessary to lead!

Thoughts help to frame and decide your perspectives toward marital life. They determine how you feel about your spouse. Changing our thoughts can lead us to the correct practices in a relationship. At the point when we do roll out this improvement, we won’t consider ourselves higher than we ought to, and our decisions, insights, and mentalities will be calm, clear, and precise. The correct conduct will, at that point, lead to the results of harmony, closeness and unity. The more we comprehend this rule, the more certain effect it will have on our connections and bonds.

Focus on Each Other

With changing your mind, it is necessary to focus on your partner. A successful marriage involves the following.

  • Make each other better

Try to help out your partner where you think you can give him support. For example, if your partner is not proficient in something, lend a hand and help your partner.

  • Have a good time together

When couples share their thoughts, spend moments together or make plans about the future, they make their bond stronger.

As said by Morris,

 “Cheerful couples make plans together. Regardless of whether it’s a candle dinner, a family get together, or a long drive, this help improve their relationship.”

  • Have fun together

Life is upsetting, so it helps if you can gracefully discover humour in any event, even when you’re not feeling okay. Couples in a successful marriage have a straightforwardness around one another. So, associating with your companion with giggling can build your bond.

  • Praise Little moments together.

Be grateful to each other every moment. Love and cherish the quality time you spend with each other. It is alright if you someday fight on things but try to turn that fight into a happy one. Apologizing should be a great practice. Praising each other about how the spouse is looking or noticing what he wears make the marriage a more adorable one.

  • Adore each other with love and romance

Adore your spouse completely by showing your love. If your marriage appears to be dull or exhausting, it is necessary to know about the romantic needs of your partner. Work on the significance of romance and adore it in your marriage, and it might draw out the best.

Communicate and Fill the Gaps

In each relationship, there are gaps between what is our expectation versus what occurs. We have different perspectives on how marriage will be and how it goes. We have assumptions for how a life partner should act at an evening gathering, which doesn’t go as arranged. Similarly, we have thoughts regarding when our partner should get back home around evening time, and it doesn’t happen that way. These gaps open up surrounding us.

When relationships have gaps, the best thing to do is communicate with each other about all the aspects and try to fill these gaps with communication.

Because the objective of marriage is to create a protected climate that urges the partners to talk about their weak considerations and sentiments, speak about their apprehensions, expectations, dreams, and different ideas. Hear out and look too profoundly to give comfort to each other. Make each other feel precious and valuable.


Hence, endeavoring to improve your marriage on various degrees of the association will make it a successful married life and recharge your entire being. Therefore, following the above points will help support your wedding and help you make your coming years of marriage energizing and fulfilling. Moreover, it helps develop more passionate and deeper feelings that aim to fulfil the maxim, till death do us apart, in a lovable and cherishing manner.

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