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Tips for hiring the best wedding planner

Written by Syra Salam

Hiring a wedding planner can be time-consuming and demanding, however it can relieve the burden from your shoulders and if rightly done, economizes your budget. However, as the post-engagement excitement fades, the process of producing an intimidating wedding to-do list takes over, which may turn out to be overwhelming. 

You might start your wedding planning process by buying a gorgeous wedding dress or getting to taste a wedding cake. Still, low-down particularities that comprise the less beautiful parts of wedding planning can be pretty exhausting. 

Let’s remember the big day itself; who would be up there setting up the furniture, looking after the catering services, communicating with the suppliers, managing the power system, and receiving the last-minute guests? You might be panicking a little bit, right?

Having a planner by your side will relieve your hectic schedule and save you more money than the cost. But it is essential to make sure that choosing your wedding planner is worth the money. Hiring the best wedding planner might be the enormous investment you make to win the day.

It is vital to figure out what the planner has to offer and what skills make them stand out from others because not every wedding planner has the same qualities, and this way, you can find the right planner for your wedding. 

Picking out the perfect wedding planner means you need to prepare yourself to ask the planner a set of questions to corroborate if the planner is the right fit for you. Fortunately, we have gathered some tips that you can follow to perk up your day!

Know their robustness

Before you think about hiring a wedding planner, try to find out a little about them and their background. If they were the organizers at a significant event previously or they have a vast experience of about 15 years working as a planner with long-term commitments and professionalism. 

As soon as you figure out their strengths and qualities, it becomes easier for you to decide whether to go for the planner or not. First, try comparing your prowess with the planners. For instance, if you are really good at organizing but lack an artistic mind, then a planner with a creative attitude might be a perfect match for you.

Allow them to unleash their creativity

Most wedding planners have entered the wedding planning sector because it is their passion, and planning events make them happy. Their job is to bring themselves up to your needs, but you will be pretty amazed by the creative and innovative ideas they come up with if you offer them some flexibility. 

Invest more if needed

You might have already set your budget that you are going to invest in hiring the wedding planner, which is slightly economical, but some wedding planners charge more than enough that can save you money in the long haul. Planners with expensive charges have fewer clients, which means the planner will have excessive time to dedicate to your event. 

Another way around, these high-end wedding planners have more experience than cheap, charged planners. This way, you can spend your money more smartly and make it worth the money.

Better not to ask for a discount

Refrain from asking for any kind of compensation or discount from the vendors. Because the market is already competitive and planners are trying their best to achieve you as a client by offering a reliable package. It is better to trust their guts and accept what they are offering to you without thinking twice.

Remember they are professionals

Apart from wedding planning, wedding planners carry professional business routines, so you don’t expect them to respond to your texts during non-business hours. However, it is one step ahead of that you interchange your readers with emails. 

Texts are likely to be mishandled or ignored and too offhand to deal with a professional wedding planner. Furthermore, if you want to call your planner, you better schedule a time for the call.

Choose your perfect planner by asking accurate questions

Even if you are hiring a full-time planner or a wedding day organizer, you need to ask them relevant questions to answer your queries.

Before choosing the right wedding planner for your perfect wedding, you must ask the planner for a consultation to ensure if the planner is the finest fit for you and your partner. You will also get to know about their frame of mind about how you two interact and talk about things. 

Ask them the following questions to get the best out of it.

  • What kind of wedding budgets do you offer and had previously worked on?
  • Is it possible for you to bring up suggestions within the selected budget?
  • How would you manipulate the eleventh-hour emergencies?
  • Is styling assistance included in your package, or does it need to be booked separately?
  • What amount of team members will you bring on the wedding day?
  • Are you available on the wedding date?
  • Are there any hidden additional costs that might not have been added to the package?
  • How long are you going to serve?
  • Does your package include unlimited correspondence or a limited number of meetings and calls?
  • Are you acquainted with the chosen venue? Or have you worked at the same venue previously?
  • At what time do you respond to emails?
  • What other events other than yours they are currently working on?
  • Since when are you working as a wedding planner?
  • How many weddings do you deal with in a year?
  • Do you have any photographs of your previous events that you have worked on?
  • What challenges you had to face as a wedding planner, and how did you overcome those challenges?

Bottom line

Whether it is a full-time wedding planner or a wedding day organizer, you can easily choose your best fit by keeping above mentioned tips and questions in mind. Hiring that perfect wedding planner for your dream day will save you from loads of hectic days and let you spend your money smartly. Just sit back and relax while the wedding planner takes care of your big day!

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