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The Challenges in a Relationship

Written by Abdullah

A good relationship can be pretty challenging to maintain, but it can be done if you are willing to put the right effort into the relationship to help make it work. There are several things in a relationship that are red flags for both you and your partner. In order to have a great relationship with your partner, you must know the issues and challenges that you will face later on in the relationship.

Many factors account for driving your relationship with your partner towards the rocks. The most common ones can be lack of interest, lack of communication, and trust issues. However, these are not the only challenges that you are going to face. In order to meet the challenges, you must be proactive. And to be proactive, you need to know about the solution to your problems beforehand. Special Matrimony has put together several challenges that can make your relationship fail.

Lack of Communication:

The one thing that cannot be overemphasized in a relationship is the importance of communication. It is fundamental that you communicate rightly with your partner. Otherwise, the relationship is most likely going to fail. Healthy communication builds a strong foundation of a relationship that helps you in the long run so that when rainy days come, you and your partner can at least communicate properly and let each other know about your problems.

Communication builds a level of trust with your partner that you cannot find anywhere else. Communication helps make your relationship last. The general idea is that when you have an issue with your significant other, you can engage in a healthy conversation with them and let them know what you are feeling. This not only helps solve your problem but also helps build a relationship of trust with each other. Communication revives the passion in a relationship by allowing you to be completely transparent with your partner.


Compromise is also one of the essential factors in a relationship. You must understand that at some point in the relationship, both you and your partner have to make many compromises to make things work. And it’s entirely okay to compromise for your partner, but sometimes the compromises get too overwhelming for either one in the relationship, causing the relationship to fail. So you stop compromising, and your relationship goes to waste.

To avoid the stage of not being able to compromise, you must understand that compromises constitute a significant part of every relationship. No relationship is “perfect.” So, it would be best if you made several compromises regarding your partner so that your relationship may flourish. Remember to not bring up past mistakes as a part of compromising. Instead, stop finding faults in the relationship and compromise on what needs to be compromised.

Trust Issues:

Trust issues can be the most harmful contagion to your relationship with your partner. The relationship is built on trust and love for each other, and if you lack one of those things, your relationship is not likely to go on. In addition, without belief in a relationship, the fundamental anchors to a healthy relationship are lost, such as safety and security. Trust issues can arise from many reasons such as jealousy, lack of reliability, no emotional support, and physical, sexual, or emotional infidelity.

Trust issues arise when you start lying to your partner. First, you have to understand that the person you are in a relationship with will accept you and your actions (if they are fair). And if you think that you need to lie to your partner about, say, having a night out with your friends or going to a party, it is time to rethink the value of trust in your relationship. Always be open, transparent, and truthful to your partner so that no trust issues may arise.

Financial Issues:

Money issues are one of the significant challenges that can arise in a relationship. Financial incompatibility drags down a large number of relationships with itself. There may be financial issues with one of the partners or both, which might tap into psychological fears, making us not trust our partner, lack the sense of security and safety, and lack control. All of these things can lead to heated arguments, which might affect your relationship badly.

We must remember that all relations have financial ups and downs. But the relationships do not entirely depend on money and finances; rather, it is the people in the relationship who make it work. So in a time of crisis, we must understand the partner’s financial condition and the relationship itself. And it is essential to know that bad financial days affect everyone. It is not just the two people in a relationship. So stay calm and communicate with your partner through financial instabilities to make sure that your relationship doesn’t go down the drain.

Bottom Line:

Think of your relationship as a beautiful garden. Just like you need to water a garden every day to keep it fresh and beautiful, you need to make constant active efforts to sustain a relationship. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the basic fundamental principles of a relationship, costing them their time and energy. You need to play your role in the relationship to make it work. And when the functions are not played as required, the relationship fails.

Finally, so that you know that your partner is essentially there for you for your whole life. Things like this do not come easy, so you must make constant efforts to keep things working that way for you. To grow, you and your partner need to put your trust in each other. Like this, you can pass every calamity that you face. In this way, you make yourselves stronger together, which ultimately helps you achieve your goal in the long run.

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