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Cross Cultural Marriage

Written by Syra Salam

The key to a successful cross-cultural marriage


A cross-cultural marriage involves the union of two people from various cultural backgrounds. Though good communication between the partners is the key to any successful marriage, it is imperative in a cross-cultural marriage. This is because a cross-cultural marriage includes a different cultural perspective that needs to be communicated effectively to your partner. This article will shed light on the top 5 suggestions for a successful cross-cultural marriage. So, if you are the one who is planning to get married to someone from a different cultural background, they might be of significant use to you. Let’s get started.

Top 5 suggestions for a successful cross-cultural marriage:

1. Learn your partners’ culture for in-depth cultural knowledge.

Marrying someone outside your culture has far more challenges than tying the knot with someone within the same culture. Therefore, it is vital to study and learn your partner’s culture so that you can learn about his/her cultural norms. The cultural norms give value and meaning to every aspect of life: marriage, parenting style, economic practices, etc. Learning about your spouse’s culture will create a better environment within your home, and your spouse will undoubtedly feel suitable for considering his/her cultural perspective. Therefore, it is vital to learn about your spouse’s culture even before getting married to him or her. Following are some of the ways how you can be acquainted with your better half culture.

2. Expect less and keep things as much simple as possible.

High expectation is the root cause of many marital problems. Therefore, it is good to expect less, especially in the earlier days of marriage. If you expect less, you won’t be having any significant disappointments, and you will ace through your martial differences with ease. Love your partner without expecting the same love in return and keep things simple. Here are few tips on how to expect less and keep things simple:

  • Practice optimism and gratitude. Update yourself with a gratitude journal to feel happier.
  • Say words of encouragement to your partner and accept constructive criticism from both him/ her.
  • You should take time to gather each other’s perspectives on life issues and have fun in between
  • Explore new things and take care of each other’s feelings

3. Don’t stress it out and solve your problems with mutual consultation.

When couples from different cultures start living together, there comes a time when many problems arise. For instance, there could be conflicts over the difference of opinions, parenting styles, fundamental belief systems, language barriers, gender roles, and et cetera. Deal with all these problems with empathy and an open mind. Doing so will enable you to take care of each other’s feelings, and it will foster peace inside your home. Moreover, feel at ease discussing these issues with your partner as a friend so that you can avoid feelings of stress or strain. Here are few tips on how to remain calm while dealing with cross-cultural issues:

  • Practice meditation and yoga to feel energetic and happier.
  • Use humour to enjoy time with your partner.
  • Avoid the blame game and never disrespect your partner.
  • Think before you say anything and have a concern about your partner’s feelings.

4. Consult a cross-cultural marriage consultant for a piece of expert advice.

Understand that every person has a difference of opinion; so, they might disagree with you.

Never impose any idea onto your spouse; however, you can always share it with an open mind.

5. Do not involve yourself in a superiority complex.

Do not think that your culture is superior to your partner’s. Understand that all cultures have their merits and demerits but never degrade the culture of your partner. Even if you did not like any cultural tradition of your partner, do not say in front of him/ her because it will ruin his/ her feelings. However, if you are an outspoken person and want to share it anyway, you can pen down it as a ghostwriter and show it to your partner (if you have any better suggestion). But, always take care of your spouse’s feelings and deal with him/her with respect, empathy, and love. Here are few tips to avoid feelings of superiority complex while dealing with your partner:


Cross-cultural marriage is full of challenges; therefore, resolving it might ruin your wellbeing. However, you must do your best to overcome all these challenges and your partner and remember that you shouldn’t ignore your wellbeing and happiness. Take some time out from the hustle-bustle of life for yourself and do what you love so that you can enjoy life to its full extent.

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