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Recommended Honeymoon spots for the Summers

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Written by Syra Salam

Every married couple yearns to spend some moments of relaxation and tranquillity. After dealing with a wearying timeline of making arrangements for their big day, a honeymoon is a must. From hosting excited relatives to getting worried about the perfect menu and wedding outfit details, it all can leave the couple mentally and physically drained. To disentangle your mind and let go of the stress, you must pick up the perfect spot to relish your very first getaway as husband and wife.

For your first excursion as an official couple, we have stacked up some of the most exquisitely romantic spots that you can choose for your honeymoon. So, be geared to relax in the perfect summertime with these highly recommended and stunning summer honeymoon spots.

1.     South Africa

South Africa is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who are keen on adventures and thrill. From exotic food to great nightlife and a close view of nature, South Africa has it all for you. You can make unforgettable memories with your significant other. In addition, you can revel in various activities while vacationing in South Africa. These include whale-watching, wildlife safari, beach-combing, and water rafting.

South Africa also has a lot to offer for people who are unwilling to look for more and prefer spending their vacations leisurely. Make a trip to the beaches of Cape Town and chug down your favourite drink while looking at a serene sunset. You can also book a romantic dinner with a private butler that will serve scrumptious food and relaxing massage service at the end. Cape Town also has some of the most luxurious and appealing hotels that will give your honeymoon a romantic and alluring touch with their spectacular views. In addition, some tree-houses will allow the couples to spend their nights in an open space under the dazzling sky for the adventurous couple. Click here for more details.

2.     Maldives

The Maldives offers sedate paradise views and tropical vibes, making it a perfect destination for relaxing and sunbathing. The Maldives has it all, from clear blue skies, white-sand beaches, and sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean to luxurious overwater bungalows and underwater resorts and restaurants. With a dreamy view of marine life, this chain of islands will provide you with every delight you desire. Although the weather in the Maldives remains pleasant throughout the year, summers will be the most favourable time for your romantic escape.

The rejuvenating massages are also worth mentioning that you can get from the best professional massagers in the world. You can even indulge in sand massage that will help you and your partner in shucking off all of the mental and physical stress.

Moreover, Maldives also offers you to channel your inner adventure seeker with different exciting activities like windsurfing, helicopter ride, underwater treasure hunting, paddle-boating, underwater sea scooter ride, and scuba-diving.

You can take your loved one on various thrilling adventures in the mid of crystal turquoise waters and gazillion coral reefs.  Diving is undoubtedly the most exciting activity where you can feel the adrenaline rush. By diving, you will also get to witness vibrant species of fishes, mantas, turtles, eagle rays, and dolphins, which will surely be a memory that you and your partner will always look back on. Click here for more details.

3.     Hawaii

With aloha-vibes, crystal-clear beaches, and super-luxury resorts, Hawaii has been the favourite destination of newly-weds for a good reason. Spend your days lazing off at the palm-lined beaches or go on hikes to explore the natural wonders of this enchanting island. In addition, the high-rising waves of Hawaii are an attraction for individuals enthusiastic about surfing.

Hawaii is rich in culture; hence, you will experience a burst of ethnic feels with traditional music and flavoursome food. Dancing to the captivating music with your other half and devouring on the food under the moonlight will give you an experience that will always remind you of the enchanting time that you spent in Hawaii.

Hawaii is also an ideal destination for shopping lovers. In Honolulu, you will be able to find numerous shopping spots with top-tier brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Saint Laurent. If you want to be light on the pocket, then you can also avail yourself of the option of exploring small towns. Moreover, you should check out parks, and roadside food stands. Thesewill provide you with as much fun, thrill and excitement as any other exorbitant activity. Click here for more details.

4.     Fiji

The Island of Fiji is yet another perfect spot to spend some quality time with your loved one. Despite being a remote Island, Fiji offers affordable private-style resorts with phenomenon services. With coral beaches with transparent waters, the Turtle island of Fiji would enhance the overall romantic vibes of your honeymoon. You can experience here lovely candle-lights dinner. Moreover, you can go on evening shopping sprees. You must explore the Blue Lagoon for treating your eyes to the beauty of Fiji.  

At Savusavu Bay, you can get your loved one a charming black pearl whose beauty is out of the world. Apart from that, various water activities are available for couples looking for some fun during their honeymoon. To indulge in some fun-filled activities, you can explore the steaming hot springs. These have been made due to volcanic eruptions many years back. For your ease and comfort, the island of Fiji is packed with private resorts. Moreover. there are villas that come with a breathtaking scenic view of the beach and individual infinity pool.

People who admire nature closely can also tour the gardens spread out to a large part of the island. These gardens and farms produce an extensive range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which you can also taste with the guidance of your tour guide.  Click here for more details.

5.     Italy

With romance, charm, breathtaking views, and exceptional culinary experience, Italy has it all. Italy is a perfect honeymoon destination for the people admirers of art with its classic churches and old art galleries. The museums in Italy are also a sight to behold that will make you fall in love with art over and over again.

From the classical drama feels in Rome, the romantic atmosphere in Venice, the vibrant sunflower fields in Tuscany, and the endless shopping options in Florence, a trip to Italy will surely be a thing to experience.  Click here for more details.

With this list of some of the most fantastic summer honeymoon spots, we aim to help you pick the best place for spending precious moments with your beau. So beat the heat and get an escape from the scorching sun with some of the most sublime places on earth.

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