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Right Time To Welcome A Baby

Written by Syra Salam

The relationship milestones usually call for a pattern: engagement, marriage, moving to a new home, and starting a family. You can either adhere to a structured plan or go with the flow of life. To include another member in your life comes with the baggage of responsibilities, immense love, and emotions. The strings are now attached to another human in your life, be it marriage or when you welcome a baby into your family.  

So, when Is The Right Time to Welcome a Baby?

If you are still perplexed if it is the Right Time to welcome a baby, let us help you find cues, so you both can decide.

 You Both Are Doing Great as A Couple

 You both now know that the relationship is here to stay. Gone are the honeymoon days of love in the air. The reality of marriage struck you, and it feels damn good! Love is there, but so is respect and empathy for your spouse. You both have set healthy boundaries in your relationship. Once you know your relationship is established and you both are on the same page to start a family, having a baby will be a source of bringing more joy in your life and not stress. 

 Looking at Options

Well, we all are aware that age is just a number. But thanks to the women’s biological clock, some facts have to be taken into consideration. Experts state that the ideal time to get pregnant is between the late twenties and early thirties. As a woman gets older, it gets more challenging for her to conceive, coupled with pregnancy complications.

Having said that, I get back to the famous quote: ‘there is no right age or right time to start a family and become a parent’! Adoption always has doors open for the infertile couple, for couples who have various health complications or merely because of the couple’s preferences.

Emotions take Charge

Emotionally, you know that you want to experience parenthood when a random child at the store gets you hooked; you can’t stop staring at baby pictures or are not willing to let go of your friend’s baby. There is a certain void in your life, and you know the baby will fill it up with joy. The baby is ‘on your mind’, and you just can’t stop thinking about it.

 Financial Readiness

Assess whether your finances are in order, or you both are under a burden of debts. Parenting calls for a stable cash flow. This includes diapers, health care, formula and much more. Sound financial security with reasonable savings will help. Some other factors that can help you decide if you are in a good place are:

  • Settled in your home: Not switching homes after every few months
  • A reliable mode of transport
  • Strong support system if both the parents wish to continue the job after the baby
  • Childcare accessibility
  • Benefits of Maternity/ Paternity Leave

 Let Go of Your Fears

Often couples get into the discussion stating, ‘we know it’s the proper time, yet we might regret it later as our freedom will be at stake.’ So dear couples, take a sigh of relief. Yes, parenting calls for responsibility, but it does not come at the expense of ruining your freedom. Many couples, including young couples, have been rejoicing parenthood and saw it as a means of rediscovering themselves and bridging the relationship gap. 

 There is no denying that parenting comes with bitter sweet share: exhaustion, diapering, sleepless nights and yet lots of smiles, wet kisses, hugs and cuddles too. No parent ever would ever have it any other way. So, let’s see how a baby changes your life for good, literally!

  • The baby is a means to strengthen your relationship. Love is unconditional both ways.
  • Doing chores together and splitting responsibilities is a great way to share the bond.
  • The bond is nurtured as you both make sure the child grows in a healthy environment and learns the best from both of you.
  • Most new parents state that when they see the spouse devotedly taking care of the baby, the new side is shone. This new role makes your better half fall in love with you all over again.
  • ‘We versus Me’: Rarely have we seen a spouse saying to the other, ‘Can you please take care of your baby?’ it is always about us and ours. It’s the teamwork that is reflected in such a beautiful relationship. 

 How to rekindle love after a baby?

It’s no secret that your life will never be the same after you welcome a baby. There I said it! But in no way has to come at the cost of damaging your relationship. How to carry the bond between the couple and strengthen it is up to both husband and wife.

 Pay attention than ever before

Don’t just greet them after meeting each other after a hectic day. Instead, pause, pass a compliment, acknowledge each other’s efforts. Be it a tired mom after a sleepless night or a father who has returned home late after the job or vice versa.


Effective Communication means getting your message across in a polite way and, at the same time, listening to your spouse’s concerns without being judgemental. The child will learn these positive relationship skills as he/she grows. 

 Spending quality ‘Me time’ and time together

  • Spouses can take turns to take care of the baby, while the better half cherishes ‘me’ time. A new mom or dad should always know that self-love comes first. A happy parent means a contented and happy baby.
  • Put the baby to bed early so you both can have a date night or watch a movie
  • You can either hire a reliable babysitter or ask grandparents to babysit. Meanwhile, you both can go out for a weekly dinner or a movie night

 If you are yearning to be a parent or still in a dilemma, the above considerations will help you reach a decision. As a mom, I can surely vouch for the fact that no matter how dreadful the decision might seem initially, once you get hold of your little angel, and welcome the baby to your family through birth or adoption, there is no looking back. Happy Parenting!

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