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5 Reasons You Should Tie The Knot

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Syra Salam

People in a relationship often ask themselves why they should even consider tying the knot. They keep wondering if they are ready to get into this sacred relationship with their partner and spend the rest of their life with them. The reason for them not being able to decide is that they consider being committed to each other and living together to be the same as being married. 

Many couples hold this opinion that rings, vows, stigma associated with marriage and the involvement of harsh legalities imposed by the government make marriage seem more like a business deal than an emotional connection between two persons. For this reason, they prefer to have a long-term relationship with their partner and never tie the knot.

However, this is not the actual case. Marriage is one of the most meaningful relationships to exist. Tying the knot provides the two partners with a bond that cannot be acquired by simply living with each other. It is a lifelong commitment that will make your life feel complete. 

Although marriage is a decision based on personal choices, what are the reasons you should consider before getting hitched to the love of your life? We have stacked up some of the most notable reasons. These benefits will help you make up your mind to take on this responsibility. 

A New Beginning

Married couple

Being a life-long commitment, marriage gives you a purpose and a new reason to live. By getting married, you promise to provide your partner with the best of everything. With this new chapter of life, your life that once was all about yourself will start to revolve around your partner. You will also find yourself making decisions and life choices based on what will be beneficial not only for yourself but your partner too. 

For this reason, marriage is known as a bond. This bond helps an individual grow in selfless and keep their loved one before themselves. Once you get married, you will have a family of your own. You will prioritise nothing but taking care of your spouse and children.  Therefore, this emotional and spiritual union will give you a sense of fulfilment. Moreover, it will add a new meaning to your life. 

Promotes Oneness of Being 

After tying the knot, you will not feel like an individual anymore. Instead, it will feel like you and your partner are a part of one body and soul. Marriage is one of the most superior bonds. It will connect to your partner on a deep spiritual, emotional, and physical level. 

Moreover, you will get to have a constant partner. A partner that will stay by your side through every challenge life throws at you. Your partner will be there to share your disappointments, problems, happiness, and excitement. You will no longer have to strive for your dreams alone. Because you will get someone to share your dreams and life goals with.  You can count on someone without feeling like a burden and turn to them whenever you need emotional support. 

The Joy of Parenthood 


Parenthood is challenging, yet it provides you with excitement and joyfulness like nothing else. You will get one of the biggest blessings of life by producing or adopting a child. Having kids of your own will enable you to understand the process of life. Moreover, it will help a tiny human in learning to survive in this world. Having kids has to be one of the most joyous and fulfilling things to experience. 

If you have children of wedlock, there is a high possibility that they will have to grow without having their father or mother by their side. Consequently, the children will most likely be unable to face the challenges of life in the right way. On the contrary, marriage will provide you with stability that results from your family is legally defined. 

Moreover, your children will also get to have a marital model. They will look up to that later in life when they are about to start this phase of life. Always remember that if your relationship breaks, your children will end up breaking apart too. However, when you have a strong relationship with your partner, your children will also come out as firm believers in the unification of relationships. 

A Strong Companionship and Friendship 

By tying the knot, you sign up your lover to be your partner and a friend. It is always a great idea to act more like a best friend to your lover. This will strengthen your bond and underpin the relationship. 

Moreover, with this long-term relationship, you can have a person to count on in numerous ways. Hence, you must decide to marry a person wisely and choose the one who is not just the ideal romantic partner but your best friend. However, to make your partner be your best friend will require you to put a certain amount of effort into the relationship. You will be expected to accept each other unconditionally with their flaws. 

They might hurt or annoy you at times, but you would not help but love them at the end of the day. No matter what you both go through, you will know that you will be there for them, and they will be there for you too. This beautiful bond will allow you to be yourself and do the weirdest of things with your significant other without the fear of being judged. 

Provides a Sense of Security 

It is often seen that couples who have lived even for a good amount of years will feel different after saying their vows. A couple tends to feel more at ease as they get a sense of security that cannot be brought by anything other than marriage. 

We all search for emotional intimacy and security all our lives, which you can surely acquire through marriage. You will get to have constant emotional support and a person who will be all ears to whatever you have to say. 

Moreover, it will provide you with this assurance that this person will take care of yourself even in your darkest time. You will no longer have to be worried about being alone or distressed in your rough time. 

On the bottom line, marriage brings some of the greatest joy in life. It provides a couple with lifetime emotional security and enables them to rely on each other through the most challenging times. In addition, this beautiful bond will give best friend disguised as a lover and a person who will be everything you have craved during your dating years. 

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