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Let Not Your Spouse’s Annoying Habits Ruin It All!

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Syra Salam

Every romantic relationship that enters the bond of holy matrimony is initiated with words of endearment and vows of commitment to experience life and grow old together. However, over time, many couples encounter that the passion over which the foundation of their relationship was once built has slowly converted into sentiments of aggravation. As the honeymoon period dwindles, couples find themselves becoming less forgiving to the quirks and annoying habits of their significant other, which they once considered winsome and captivating. 

Although this may have taken a toll on the level of satisfaction in your marriage, your partner’s transition from a bearable partner to an exasperating one is merely wholesome signs of the comfort they have gained around you to be themselves and the lengthy period spent between you two. Hence, if acknowledged, confronted and rectified reasonably to assure the contentment of both the parties, the spark in your marriage can be rekindled once more, You can do it if you learn the way to deal with your spouse’s habits. 

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Check Yourself

In an increasingly modern world riddled with complexities and stressful situations, it is common for one to unleash their frustration onto those closest to them. Although the issues may occur in the outside world, we tend to drag our troubles with us to find their solace within the walls of our home. This may result in a misattribution of emotion. In that, the negativity of another source, for example, a taxing day at work, is wrongfully associated with another —in this case, your spouse.

Most of the time, your spouse’s irritating behaviour is not inherently exasperating, but your distressful mindset might make it out to be. In such situations, it is crucial to remember to relax, adopt therapeutic activities or avenues to destress yourself, and perform breathing exercises to maintain composure to sustain a pleasant environment in your household.

Furthermore, psychologists suggest that it is impertinent to associate positive feelings and attributes with your spouse in such circumstances to summon amicable sentiments and a pleasant attitude towards them, which can further assist you in appreciating them more. 

Set Boundaries 

All of us are distinct individuals with our level of comfort, preferences and attributes. Thus, every successful relationship needs to define and establish boundaries to maintain privacy and individuality. However, overstepping boundaries and constantly breathing down your partner’s neck is an annoying habit that can irritate the other party. It can violate their sanctity and disrupt their peace, which may create a rise in conflicts. In this situation, every couple needs to communicate and remind each other of their physical, emotional and social boundaries that can help ease tensions by respecting and giving each other more space. 

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Adopt Compassion

Understandably, anger seems to be the most justified response to your spouse’s annoying habit in the heat of the moment. However, aggravation is never a rational or productive answer to any scenario. Your tone can make a world’s difference in diverting a potential conflict to communicating effectively. You can do this by adopting a gentle, compassionate tone to convey your concerns.

In this vast, obscure world in which even adults find difficulty navigating, a couple must empathize and offer support to each other. Instead of constantly criticizing and reprimanding your spouse’s irksome habits, embrace an encouraging attitude. Moreover, offer to help your partner change their habit together. Through this, your partner would feel more encouraged. Moreover, by treating the habit as a goal to eradicate, they would be more mindful of their behaviour. They would keep in mind how it affects you in the future as well. 

Let It Go

Constantly nagging your partner on actions that you may find annoying would turn the tables on you, making you out to be the annoying one. You must understand a whole structure of compromises piled upon each other is what builds a marriage. At times it is essential to let go of your partner’s minute pet peeves. You can do this by distancing yourself from them while they are about to, perform the said habit.

Moreover, in specific scenarios, you have to learn to accept what you cannot change. Even though some of their actions might not be in your taste, your partner is a person separate from you. You must acknowledge their distinctiveness. 

Glance Into the Looking Glass

We all have issues, shortcomings, and ingrained habits. Others may find them strange. It is vital to not view yourself as the limelight of your relationship. This is because marriage is an institution based on partnership and mutual understanding. Regarding yourself as the dominant force whose complaints have to be abided by at all times creates a power dynamic that is detrimental to any relationship. Observing how your spouse reacts and conveys your annoying habits to you can set the pace at how this issue can be dealt with or improved upon. Because it is cardinal to treat others the way you wish to be treated. 


Every marriage and relationship has its ups and downs, but how the couple reacts can make all the difference. Having these discussions with your partner is not always a piece of cake. Understand it is vital not to hurt their feelings or bruise their ego in the process while addressing their shortcomings.

Hence, it is a thoughtful approach to deal with this in a calm and calculated manner. Do it while remaining humble, receiving feedback, and inquiring your partner on what annoying habits they think you have. This can result in you rectifying yourself accordingly. However, at the same time, you must allow yourself to feel and express your emotions in a healthy manner. You should do it towards an appropriate outlet, rather than suppressing them. Suppressing emotions can prove to be damaging in the long run to not only you but the relationship as well. 

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