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How To Detoxify Your Relationship

Written By: Syra Salam

Marriage is a beautiful connection which not only brings two people closer but connects them spiritually and mentally too. It brings a lot of changes in two different people having two different identities, likes, and thoughts. It drives you into a persona of identically which is not the same. Sometimes what we see is not the truth. It’s just an illusion. Most married couples live to flaunt their lives in front of the camera to make sure that the rest of the world believes that they are a ‘happy couple’, but that’s not true. Learn how to detoxify your relationship in this article.

Why don’t marriages work ?

Why do people fake it? 

There is a sudden rise in failed marriages and divorces that has been graphed since recent times. Most people don’t even know what made their relationship a failure, and some don’t want to know. In this era where a woman stands parallel to a man in all aspects and chores, what they lack is time. Time is the key. People find time more precious than money, and that is why they escape from their partners and focus on making good money. What do they lose? It is the beauty of their relationship. The strength, the bond, and the gravity attract them to their partner to love them, to care for them, and to accept the fact that life would be a monochrome picture without them. You should detoxify your relationship by considering everything mentioned.

Time is the healer

The best thing that can work for a failed marriage or a feeble relationship to make it alive and healthy again is time. It’s that band-aid that can bring the broken pieces closer and tie them with the knot of love and care. If the relationship is on the verge of a split or you don’t feel like staying in it, give it time. It can heal the worst of injuries, and can easily detoxify your relationship.

How can time play a vital role in saving your relationship, which is already drowning?

When you feel like your relationship is not as strong as it was at the start, all you can do for the betterment is to spend time together. Take an escape from worldly affairs and limit your connections for a while. Heal up. Communication and love are the bridge between you and anything. Talk about your insecurities, talk about what made you both distant, talk about how it ruined, and talk about how it can be better again. The essential element is to ‘talk it out, and you cannot do that with your busy schedules and life. You need an escape for that so you can give enough time to each other where you talk, and the person listens. You listen, and the person talks. The quote says,

“The bad news is time flies; the good news is you are the pilot.” Micheal Alshutter

You can drive the plane of your relationship the way you want, wherever you want. Things just need to be fixed.

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What makes a married life chaotic?

Certain elements play their best part in bringing your married life on the verge of splitting. They can be;

  • Ignorance
  • Miscommitment
  • Lies
  • Disloyalty
  • The let-it-be behaviour 
  • No repentance 
  • No acceptance 
  • Lack of appreciation 
  •  Criticism
  • Trust
  • Time management 

These are the factors that always make your married life chaotic and are a reason for failure as well. You fail to accept your mistakes, or you don’t appreciate the efforts; Moreover, you lie; you criticize and never say sorry. It can be as poisonous as it sounds and can be proved good enough to deteriorate the health of your married life.


Every relationship has some good and some bad days. That’s how the graph of life is. Sometimes everything works best and in favour of you two, and sometimes it’s the opposite. Marriage problems arise when people don’t discuss small and petty issues. They keep it up to themselves and do not believe in rejuvenation as a couple. 

Is vacation a solution to your marriage problems?

Summer vacation is another name for spending time together as a couple or as a family. It’s that time of the year where you can take a break from official chaos and professional lives and make your crooked relationship better. You can choose your favourite destinations, book luxe hotels that are close to picturesque views and nature, and you are all set to spend a lovely time with your partner. Getting close to nature and scenic views is itself a therapy that helps in making your mood better and relaxed, and can help you detoxify your relationship.

You feel the whole vibe and take part in making it better. You should know that you are home away and come for a vacation to spend time with your partner and family, so it has no audacity to accept any sort of official pressure during the vacation. Spend good time together with each other. Make love. Recall memories and make the most of this trip.

Communication can solve any problem, and again, spending time together can bring you a sense of responsibility as an individual. Moreover, it can detoxify your relationship. Sometimes it just takes realization to make things better in a relationship. People don’t wish to realize what’s best for them or what’s good for them. Love is replaced by ego, respect is replaced by criticism, care is replaced by ignorance, and most importantly, time is replaced. People do not wish to spend leisure time with their partners. They rather think of investing their time with friends or alone, and that is where it starts to ruin the sentiments of two people sharing lives.

Yay or nay?

It’s true that spending time together can heal up the previous injuries, and it can be proven beneficial for the health of your relationship as well l, but it’s not everything that you would need every time to make your married life work. It needs determination and, most importantly, effort. You cannot get everything in your partner that you wished for. The true colours of a person come out only when you start living with them. They are entirely different people when you do not live with them. Accept their choices, accept the way they are. 

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