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Common In-laws Problems

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Syra Salam

Every relationship is based on some bittersweet moments. There are some good and some bad days in everyone’s life. To tackle common in-law problems, keep reading this article.

When a girl gets married, she makes new relationships and meets new people. Her whole perspective changes and she is moulded into how the family is living. After that, It takes years to build trust, love and peace in relationships, and it just takes a minute to break it. In-laws creating problems is not a new thing. In fact, It can be found in every other house.

 However, it solely depends on the couple, especially the girl, how she caters to such problems. These problems can be solved with hatred and with love both. The choice is hers.

Newly wedded life asks for a lot of compromise and patience in the case of in-laws causing problems. So, let’s get to know what those problems are.

What are the common problems that can persist in married life?

A married life goes through some tough phases and hurdles in some cases. These are some petty issues, but they can create huge destruction in lives. 

Some of them can be these.


Most of the in-laws don’t think it a necessity to give space and privacy to the couple, which can create problems for them.

Interference in personal affairs

They think it’s fine to speak in matters of the couple and consider their options as decisions. 

Lack of freedom

It might be a responsibility for the girl to take permission in every aspect of life, and if it’s not done that way, then it’s considered an act of crime. In short, there can be a lack of freedom on certain things, which can be your hangouts or your routine. Moreover, It can be a lack of freedom of speech or just a simple lifestyle. They want a girl who is supposed to live her life according to her in-laws.

The generational gap between a girl and the in-laws

There is a difference in the thinking, values, priorities and choices of a girl and her in-laws because they are not the same age. However, it’s not possible for a girl of today’s era to have the same likes, priorities and choices as her in-laws. This difference in age can lead to various new problems. 

Societal stereotypes 

Society has great pressure on the lives of people, and their main focus is to create fuss out of anything. They can point out your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes or it can be anything. These stereotypes are a great source of hindrances in the lives of married couples.

Minimalistic freedom of opinion or criticism over in-laws

A girl is not supposed to share her point of view, or she cannot criticise anything, and if she does, she’s a victim of taunts. Most of the in-laws think their decision is final and what they think should be accepted by everyone. No other perception or choice matters.


There are fewer chances that your efforts go noticed, or you are appreciated for your hard work or your affection. Most of the in-laws consider it less important to appreciate the good and highlight the bad.

How can these issues be tackled?

Privacy Invasion:

If we talk about how to stop the in-laws from invading privacy, the simple way is to talk to them in a polite way and try to convey what you dislike. Your tone and speech deliverance is your win. 

Unnecesssary Interference

If they unnecessarily interfere in your marital affairs, try not to discuss your important conversations in front of them. When you do this, know that what they don’t know, they can’t ruin. So, try to keep your matters upto yourself and keep the discussions private. 

Taking Permission

If it’s that way where a girl is supposed to take permission on every single thing like her whereabouts, hangouts, her choices and her priorities, the best way is to indulge her husband. So, if you are answerable to him, you can save the game.

Age Gap

It’s not your fault if there is an age gap between you and your in-laws, as you cannot do anything about it. The best thing is to try to make them understand your choices, your priorities, and if it doesn’t work, then you should understand their choices, priorities and likes. After all, marriage is another name of compromise.


Society has a great impact on lives, and you cannot do anything about it, so the best way is to ignore unnecessary gossip and try not to take anything at heart. If you think you can break these stereotypes, then you are good to go; otherwise, let it be.

Difference of Opinions

There is always a way to win the argument or to prove yourself right. You can always portray your thinking and opinions, and you too have freedom of speech, but when you see that your opinion doesn’t matter or your thinking is not appreciated, then it’s better not to waste your words.

Taking Things Personally

If you wish to ace your marital life, include two things. One does not expect a lot of good from the in-laws. So, getting good in exchange for doing good is a crap thing. However, if they appreciate it, then it’s wonderful. So, don’t take anything personally. Moreover, let go of anything that hurts you, spit out the negativity and frustration in any way that suits you. 

Bottom Line:

Marital life is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of sacrifices a girl makes just to settle. A girl should understand that her life is changed, her relationships are now grown, and her lifestyle is also changed, which automatically changes her choices, priorities and her likes. Shortly, she should understand that she would not be celebrated the way she used to; she would not be appreciated the way she used to by her in-laws.

Accept the changes and let go of every negativity. Smile and trust on your good days!

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