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7 Steps for Planning the Perfect Marriage Proposal

Written By: Syra Salam

If you love someone and want to marry her, come up with a sincere marriage proposal. A marriage proposal is the first step towards official commitment with your partner (to be). So, why not make it intriguing and exciting? Though planning a marriage proposal might seem interesting to you, it is somehow an arduous task. But, there is nothing to worry about because the following steps will surely help you plan the perfect marriage proposal. So, let’s begin with the steps. 

Step No. 1:  Make sure that your partner (to be) shows interest in you.

Before you plan the marriage proposal; it is important to know your partner’s agreement. First of all, ask her whether she is really interested in you especially when you are going to involve your family. You can also analyze her interest in you in the following ways:

  • She wants to listen to you every time.
  • She makes you a priority and shares everything with you.
  • She treats you with respect whenever both of you meet.
  • She inquires about your family and makes future plans with you.
  • She loves to share her meals with you in the office or class.
  • She respects your viewpoints and shares her own as well.  

Step No. 2:  Buy an elegant ring to surprise her.

When you are sure that your partner is surely interested in you then it’s time to buy an engagement ring for her. Prefer to ask your spouse (to be) about the type of ring that she likes. Also, consider the following tips before you can make the right selection:

  • Have your budget in mind. Even if you are short of budget; you still can buy an elegant ring. Go for a precious ring to surprise your spouse. 
  • Do not forget to measure her ring size. Then, either take her with you to the shop to select the ring or otherwise take her ring size. 
  • Do market research before you visit the jeweller’s shop. It will save your time and money as well.

Step No. 3:  Choose a nice location and invite her family as well.

Figure out which location might surprise her? Know about your spouse’s interests and then plan accordingly. You can choose a beachside, or an in-house spot, or a lush green area, etc. Here are few tips to consider in this regard:

  • It’s good to choose a location where you had your first date.  
  • Pick a family gathering spot so that the parents can also enjoy their day.
  • Choose a location where you can arrange a nice décor, a lunch party, and have a picnic day with your loved one.

Step No. 4:  Select a scrumptious menu to make everyone’s day.

Ask your spouse about the menu that she and her family like and then plan accordingly. If your parents like completely different things then it’s good to plan a menu having multiple cuisines. The following tips and tricks should be remembered before you plan the menu for the day:

  • Choose a menu that matches the ambience.
  • Avoid meals that can lead to allergies or other dietary restrictions.
  • Determine a nice lunch theme and talk to your event planner in this regard.
  • Think whether plated or buffet meals suit your guests?
  • Plan for delicious starters and appetizers.
  • Have one main dish accompanied by two side dishes.
  • Look for delectable dessert options with your partner and plan accordingly. 

Step No. 5:  Practice a few nice lines to say in front of your spouse-to-be.

This is one of the vital steps in planning for a marriage proposal. Developing a new relationship is usually difficult for shy men, especially when they have to speak in front of everyone. But it can be overcome by rehearsing or practising a few lines to be said for a marriage proposal. Few tips in this matter are listed below:

  • Speak from your heart and pen down a few exceptional lines for your spouse.
  • Give it a personal touch rather than copy-pasting from any source. 
  • Add a few lines from your past dating experience with your partner (to be) to cheer her up.

Step No. 6:  Don’t forget to ask her hand from her parents.

Another step in planning a great marriage proposal is to ask her hand directly from her parents. Here are few tips for doing this arduous activity:

  • Get to know them and make your intentions clear in front of them.
  • Try to personalize the discussion so that they start believing in you.
  • Tell them about your love story with their daughter and let them know that you will keep her happy.
  • Make the conversation unforgettable and ask your parents to intervene as well.
  • Build up their trust and get their blessings before you officially celebrate the day.

Step No. 7:  Celebrate afterwards and present a gift to your spouse. 

When your spouse says a “Yes”, then, it’s time to celebrate the day with your loved ones. Hire a professional photographer to capture these beautiful moments with your spouse. Also, make a few highlights of the day so that you can remember this time later on in your life. Choose a nice picnic spot where you and your spouse can visit for fun-related activities along with your families. Present beautiful flowers and a gift to your spouse to fill her day. You can choose the following flowers and gifts for her on this day:

  • Mixed Roses.
  • Purple Orchids.
  • Tulips or Lilies.
  • Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums.
  • Gerbera Daisies or a forever flowers bouquet.
  • A painted press ring dish.
  • Chocolate and nuts basket.
  • A customized gift of having your pictures on a mug with a sweet note.

If you want to plan your marriage proposal in an organized way; then, the above-said steps can be of great use to you. However, make sure that your partner (to be) is ready to accept you in front of everyone. Therefore, you must ask her before planning the proposal so that it can be a win-win situation for both of you. 

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