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Ideal Wedding Amid COVID-19

WRITTEN BY: Syra Salam

Since the last few months of 2019, wedding planning has become an unusual experience. Suddenly, people had to choose between their health and a perfect wedding with their loved ones. 

But not anymore! The Covid may have put a damper on things. However, there are always miracles hidden amidst tragedies. One just needs to think out of the box to find them or create them.

During the pandemic, many couples came up with out-of-the-box wedding plans that were mindblowing! So, your ideal wedding may be a little different from your expectations, but it can be just as magical and blissful! In fact, this can be your chance to break through conventional standards and host a never-before-seen kind of wedding. 

Here are a few ideas inspired by couples all over the world that can help you plan your perfect wedding while following SOPs!

Hold Up. It’s A Wedding Drive-Thru!

One good thing that has come out of Covid is the increased budget to make ceremonies unique. The limited guest list may be a bummer, but it increases the budget to invest in your ceremonial theme, entertainment, and other festivities to host your dream wedding. 

Since the pandemic, many couples have opted for drive-thru weddings with as many as 10,000 guests and without risking anyone’s safety! So, you don’t necessarily have to compromise the presence of your loved ones for a safe event.

Once the couple has taken their vows in an intimate ceremony, they can cosy up at a table as their family and friends drive by, congratulating the newlyweds as they go. Take it a step further, and you can make it fun by having congratulations banners strapped to the cars, firing party poppers, and even showering flower petals on the couple as you drive by!  

You can always transform the drive-thru with floral decorations and string-light decor to give it an elegant look.  There is also the viable option of setting up tables where guests pick up bespoke favours and food packages as they drive by.

Not your typical wedding, but it definitely sounds like an event anyone would LOVE to attend!

Formal is Boring. Make it Informal!

The formalities such as having to sit at the centre table and meet every guest can be tiring and even boring. With covid weddings, you have a chance to make it less formal!

You can have an informal outdoor reception where you meet your guests after the ceremony. It can be anything you want, from an afternoon brunch to a late-night bonfire with socially distanced seating arrangements for guests and the newlyweds.

As for food, you can always go for pizzas or food trucks! Setting up wedding-themed food trucks, ice cream stations, or serving pizza boxes would add a unique touch to your wedding. 

Covid-friendly games and good music in place of wedding dances can take your informal wedding to the next level. Who doesn’t love to play giant Jenga?

Lastly, your wedding can be made unforgettable with a splendid show of fireworks as the couple is sent off in a tunnel of sparklers and glow sticks. The perfect balance of dreamy and fun!

The Charm of Personalized and Intimate weddings

Weddings can have grandeur and charm even with a limited guest list!

This is your chance to have a cosy and intimate wedding right in your backyard or your deck. You can hire professionals to transform your home into your dream wedding venue. Or, you can gear up and DIY the place to turn your dream wedding into reality. 

You can add charm to your wedding with beautiful customized wedding invitations and bespoke favours for your guests. Reserved seating can allow you to customize your guest tables with elegant decor and signs. Moreover, SOPs can follow suit with hand sanitisers placed on tables with creative signs saying, “Spread love Not Germs. Use Me!”

Soulful music, heartfelt speeches, and the smiles of your family and other loved ones as you take your vows would actually be the true aesthetics and dazzle of your intimate wedding. 

Covid-themed Wedding

Instead of letting covid put a damper on things, how about you embrace it as your wedding theme? 

An outdoor wedding with a spacious arrangement of tables can be magnificent. Tables can be reserved and customized according to the guests. Moreover, aesthetic sanitization stations matching the decor of your wedding can be set up. Moreover, you can be trendy by providing the guests with customized masks that complement the theme of your wedding.

An additional touch of creativity can be funny yet informative signs that you can put up at your venue, for instance, “You Washed Your Hands… Right?” and “Love is Contagious, So Is Corona.” 

To make your guests feel comfortable, you can provide them with coloured bands at the entrance with each colour implying a specific comfort level; no touching, shaking hands is okay, hugs are welcome, etc. 

Finally, the wild element to your elegant wedding ceremony can be the food trucks and a drink bar so guests can get their own food and drink with minimal touching and exposure to germs. 

Drive-In Cinema Wedding!

This last wedding idea is by far the most exciting and creative. A drive-in cinema combined with a wedding, absolutely genius!

As the guests arrive, they would park their cars in designated spots in front of the screen where the ceremony would be live-streamed. Afterwards, the newlyweds can join their guests, in their own separate car, for a good movie night in the drive-in cinema with food and ice cream trucks on standby!

Not only does the couple get an intimate wedding, but they also get to celebrate with their loved ones in the most amazing way one can think of! 

A little creativity and floral wedding decor and you have the perfect wedding you’ve always wanted despite Covid. As far as your remote guests are concerned, they can always join in live over Zoom!

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