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A Step Closer To Your Perfect Wedding

Written By: Syra Salam

Wedding Shenanigans can be very stressful. From picking out a wedding date to choosing the right dress, cake, and flowers. There are too many decisions to make! However, one decision that takes precedence over all is finding the inch-perfect venue. 

Choosing a venue can be an overwhelming task. Will it be a fancy restaurant, an aesthetic beach, or an elegant church? From its location and size to catering and decor, there is much to consider!

The myriad of decisions and considerations hiding under the umbrella term “venue” can leave you flabbergasted. But don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered with guidelines that can help you narrow down and choose your perfect venue. 

Consult a Wedding Planner

Having planned a gazillion weddings, professional planners know everything! 

They’re aware of many wedding locations of varying sizes and prices, and with their knowledge of all the nooks and crooks of venue selection, they can help find your picture-perfect venue. 

Wedding planners can give you clarity on a lot of decisions regarding your venue. Moreover, they can introduce you to locations that you may not even have thought of, but that may make your heart jump as no other location did!

A wedding planner will not only help you get the best deals for your ideal venue but also help you stay on top of things to avoid the emergency plan B’s and C’s. Your job is to enjoy every moment while theirs is to make every moment perfect for you. 

Budget Yourself

This may be a tiring subject, but the importance of budgeting can not be emphasized enough, especially when choosing a wedding venue. 

It’s not only the venue’s renting cost but also the million other things a venue entails. 

Food, decor, lights, there are many expenses to consider. From the top of our heads:

  • Does your venue offer in-house catering? 
  • Do you plan to hire vendors?
  • Will you hire professionals to transform the venue?
  • Is there a cancellation or running overtime fee? 
  • Are there any hidden expenses with the venue?

These questions highlight the expenses associated with the venue. Hence, as exhausting as it may sound, it’s imperative that you mull over all aspects of your budget. 

Breaking down your budget and acquiring estimates can help. With a clear budget in mind, it’ll be easier to decide where you want to spend more and where you can compromise. For instance, do you want to spend more on the location itself or on transforming it? Budgeting yourself will save you from unnecessary pitfalls and sudden changes of plan. 

Location and Size

Considering you wouldn’t want to cram your guests, it’s important to choose your venue based on how many people it can accommodate. Basically, will your guests be able to walk freely and breathe properly? Ideally, you need to have a guest list before hunting for your venue. With an estimate of the number of people you will be hosting, it can be easier to narrow down options for your wedding venue. 

Your venue must also accommodate all the facilities you wish to have. A dance floor, a live band, or any other means of entertainment that may require significant space, your venue must be able to house it. 

Finally, the location is also an extremely important deciding factor. You need to know how easily commutable the venue will be for everyone. Is the travel distance reasonable? 

This is especially important if you plan to have two separate venues; one for your wedding ceremony and the other for celebration. It’s important to determine how commutable the two locations will be before finalizing your venues. 

Entertainment and Other Facilities:

A venue that cannot house your wedding plans is essentially just a block of space. Make sure your venue either facilitates or accommodates your requirements. 

Venues aren’t just about aesthetics. They must incorporate everything that you dreamed of for your perfect wedding. Hence, it’s important to know whether your venue conforms to your wedding theme, entertainment ideas, and other facilities. For instance, does it accommodate a dance floor, a music band, or basic facilities like air conditioning, bathrooms, and private rooms? 

There are often certain prohibitions and restrictions with venues. Knowing beforehand what you’re permitted to do and how far you can go is important. Such as, are there restrictions on sound volume or prohibitions against fireworks? 

Dates and Availability:

Many venues have their dates booked for two to three years in advance. The more in-demand your desired venue, the greater its chances of being prebooked. 

Hence, it’s crucial to start hunting at your earliest. Especially if your heart is already set on a date. While being flexible with your dates can be helpful in choosing a venue, however, waiting till the last minute or even the last month isn’t an option. 

Be ready to make adjustments with either your date or your choice of venue. 

Trust Your Vision

There are many beautiful wedding venues that you’ll fall for. However, what looks like the perfect venue for one couple may not be the ideal venue for you.

When choosing your wedding venue, stay true to your dreams about your special day and yourself! Choose a venue that speaks to you. Ask yourself what kind of a wedding you want? Would you enjoy a modern theme in a fancy restaurant or a more nature-oriented look at the beach or your backyard? 

Your wedding is your special day and your venue adds to its magic. Figure out what attracts you as a couple, what represents your bond, and choose a venue accordingly. 

Your wedding venue is the backdrop of your special day. It’s where you will celebrate your happiness with family and friends and where you’ll make the memories that you will cherish for life. Not to mention, it is where all your Insta-worthy pictures will be clicked! You do not want to mess that up, so better start the hunt sooner than late!

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