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Disney World: A Whimsical Honeymoon

Written By: Syra Salam

Disney World is a perfect honeymoon destination. A honeymoon symbolizes fresh beginnings and celebrating the start of a new life together with your significant other. It is a holiday where you and your spouse can reflect upon your relationship. Moreover, you can look forward to the future that you will be spending together. To embark upon this joyous occasion, the destination which you choose to honeymoon at can make a world’s difference to your marriage experience. 

While there are various holiday resorts available around the world, what better location to celebrate the commencement of the most exciting phase of your life than the “happiest place on Earth.”, the Disney world.

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! If you have stumbled across this article, then keep on reading. Because in this article, we’ll convince you why Disneyworld is the perfect destination to celebrate your honeymoon. 

Flaunt Your Marriage 

While all Disney tourists do get some form of button or badges, ‘’Disneymooners’ receive a special celebratory, “Happily Ever After!” or “I’m Celebrating!” button during check-in. Not only is this a sweet sentiment from Disney world itself, but it’s akin to pixie dust. By wearing this button, or mentioning your newly married status, you can achieve a few perks. 

Cast members and park-goers of Disneyworld will be sure to congratulate you and wish you well for your marriage. Additionally, you might even be on the receiving end of a few freebies and special treatment. 

If you mention to the maître d’ at the restaurant your honeymoon, it might score you a better table. Moreover, you might even get a free dessert or drinks. A few couples even claimed that they were offered free rides and snacks in the amusement park!

Premier Hotel Experience 

Disneyworld is renowned for hosting the finest and most luxurious hotels and resorts available. These can be a chief highlight of your honeymoon. You must think practically and acknowledge that during your stay at disney world, the entire vacation won’t be spent on rides and at theme parks.

Hence, you must splurge on the best hotel room or resort you can afford.

Disneyworld has various options. For example, the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s Riviera Resort, The Old Key West Resort, and The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. 

These hotels provide a grand experience and are perfect for a lazy day to relax with your spouse. They also provide multiple services such as delivering surprise gifts to your room for your spouse upon your request. The gifts can include an array of items such as chocolates, champagne, bouquets, etc. 

Additionally, these resorts are also equipped with other facilities such as pools, tennis courts, spas, lounges, etc. The Disney Beach Club Resort also possesses the highest hotel waterslides. Disney Four Seasons Resort at Orlando is the only Disney resort to have an adult-only pool.

Romance Is in the Air 

What’s more romantic than a honeymoon? Well, a ‘Disneymoon’ of course. 

Disneyworld has all the locations, services, and features to provide you with the fairytale romance you always dreamt of or saw in movies. 

In Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort or Port Orleans Resort, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to travel in a horse-pulled carriage during the sunset with your beloved to experience the royalty treatment. 

Moreover, the evening is the ideal time for newlyweds to indulge in romantic endeavors. The evening is also known as ‘extra magic hours’ in Disneyworld where you and your spouse can enjoy lamp-lit walks along Main Street as the park grows quieter and the crowds diminish. 

As more people start to leave, ‘extra magic hours’ allow couples to explore the amusement park alone. Hence, this is a perfect opportunity to experience more rides due to the shorter queues. Moreover, fireworks take place during this time as well, which is certainly a romantic sight to behold with your significant other. 

Additionally, what could be more romantic than hearing the sound of waves, and watching the sun disappear below the horizon into the vast blue ocean? Live your Little Mermaid romance to the fullest with Disney’s relaxing yacht cruises with your spouse, which can be available at the Yacht and Beach Club Hotel at the disney world.

Food: The Language of Love 

If the only way to your spouse’s heart is through their stomach, then Disneyworld isn’t short of any romantic dining experience either! Food is a universal love language, and Disneyworld has multiple cuisines and restaurants to satisfy your palette. 

You and your significant other can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner near the rippling water of the Pirates of the Caribbean at the Blue Bayou. Their luxurious and highly-rated Le Special de Monte Cristo Sandwich or Slow Roasted Beef Strip Loin is truly a feast for the eyes and the mouth. 

 If you want to dine with the spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom and erupting fireworks, then California Grill can offer you this incredible dining experience. Located on the top of the Contemporary, you and your spouse can indulge in mouth-watering haute cuisine at California Grill. If you inform the maître ‘d of your honeymoon, you can even receive a special rose petal-strewn table with a newlywed place card on your table. 

Soothing Spas

Serenity and romance go hand-in-hand. There is nothing more serene and intimate than a couple’s massage under the warm glow of candlelight. Disney offers its visitors a luxury and peaceful spa experience to unwind and relax.

 Knead away your cramping muscles from walking in the amusement park all day with specialized massages and body treatments. Even a soothing facial at one of Disney’s high-end spas will leave you light-headed from the peace you will experience. 

Grand Floridian, The Dolphin, and the Wilderness Lodge are a few of the many resorts that harbour the Walt Disney World Spas. 

Conclusively, Disney World is the ideal location for you and your spouse to consider for a honeymoon. Not only will you be able to enjoy the adrenaline from all the rides, but also experience romance at its finest. You’ll surely enjoy the exclusive services and features offered by Disney. Enjoyment and romance are perfectly balanced at this perfect destination. This way, you and your spouse can experience the best of both worlds. 

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