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Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

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Syra Salam

Photographs undoubtedly are the most valuable wedding keepsake. Unlike other things in your wedding like the food, decorations, or music, you cannot hear, taste, or smell the photographs. Moreover, you cannot even know what you will be getting until you finally get your wedding album. 

For this reason, it is essential to do thorough research and carefully select a skilled photographer for your wedding. After all, you will be looking back at your wedding photographs fifty years from now. From your vows and kiss to your first dance together, you are going to reminisce it all. Hence, your wedding photographer should have nothing but perfection. 

But how to find a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with? Here are some tricks and tips that you can follow to take on board the perfect photographer for your wedding. 

Set Your Budget 

Finding a good photographer and later discovering that they are beyond your budget has to be one of the most disappointing things. Therefore it is vital to set a budget before you begin your hunt. Once you have set the budget, try your hardest to stick to it. In this way, you would not get worried about the costs that come along the way.    

Like other vendors, the wedding photographers also charge varied prices. The price mainly depends on the experience and time. In addition to that, the price also varies from one city to another. For example, the photographers in London often charge a higher fee than the ones in Birmingham. You can find the details about lots of photographers and their costs on their website. Otherwise, don’t hesitate from asking people around to know what the current rates are. 

Moreover, you can also ask people in your family or friends circle to know how much they spent on wedding photography. However, do your research first before blindly following the advice of someone else. We are sure you would not want to spend a thousand bucks on wedding photography. You can always spend a little extra if you want your wedding photographs to be of the best quality and style. 

 Settle on your Photography Style 

That is where the fun part of your search begins. Prior to hiring a wedding photographer, you must identify your photography style. Think if you want classic, candid, a mix of saturated colours, black-and-white, vintage, or dreamy washed-out tone. Then, you can look at wedding pictures online and see what kind of wedding photography style matches your vibe. 

There are various photography looks and styles that you can consider while shortlisting, including reportage, quirky, traditional and creative. If you want to leave it all to the photographer and relax and want the guests’ emotions captured naturally, then go for the reportage candid. 
If you want your bid day pictures to look quirky and fun, then quirky photography is your style. If you want formal-posed portraits, then traditional style photography will cater to your needs well. Once you have settled on the type of your photography, it will be easier to shortlist the photographers. 

Look at the Portfolio 

After choosing a handful of photographers, go through their portfolios extensively. It would help you in knowing their distinct style and approach to capturing special moments. 

Moreover, it is crucial to not only see the pictures photographer has displayed in the highlights. Photographers usually put only the best pictures in their website’s highlights. Hence, those four pictures would not tell you the entire story. 

In addition to that, you should also consider the photographer’s qualifications and experience. The more experienced, the better. 

When you feel the pictures resonate with the idea you have in your mind, know that your work is done here.

Get in Touch with the Photographer 

Your work is not completely done after you have chosen a photographer for your wedding. Even if you have picked more than one photographer, this step will help you make the final decision. Now it is the right time to get in touch with the chosen photographer/photographers. 

The best way of contacting would be through email. However, be very careful while writing the email, as it will be the beginning of your association with the wedding photographer. 

Moreover, refrain from blasting the same email to every photographer you find. Instead, ask them questions, clear your concerns, and try to get to know more about their work. Here are few things that you should add while tailoring the email:

  • Is the photographer available on the dates of your wedding events?
  • What do they charge? 
  • What packages and contracts do they have to offer. 
  • Do they have testimonials o provide 

If you have more details to ask, don’t be afraid of making phone calls. This would help you to know better about their work and approach. Moreover, you can also ask them what do they expect from you throughout working together. However, since it is one of the most significant decisions, don’t be afraid of asking too many questions as you need to be well informed and feel comfortable. 

Set up In-person Meeting 

The best way of knowing someone is to meet them in person. Since you are going to spend a reasonable amount of time with the photographer. Make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in the presence of your chosen photographer. Moreover, you would also know better if they have the same design aesthetic as you. 

Here is a list of quick questions you can ask the photographer at your first meeting:

  • Would you be taking the photos yourself? Or do you have multiple photographers on your team?
  • Can you direct people and handle group shots well?
  • What do you think about the mixture of group shots with casual shots and portraits?
  • What is your favourite wedding picture you have taken yourself? (this will help in knowing their true vision).
  • Do you have a backup in case of any unfortunate event?
  • What do you expect while you work with us? 

Trust your Gut

You did your research, narrowed down the choices, and met the chosen photographer; now it is the time to go with your gut. Did the photographer make you feel comfortable during the interview? Do they understand your choices? Would they blend in easily with you and your guests? Do they align with your vision? And most importantly, do they fit into your budget?

If the answers to all of these questions are positive, then cheers! Your search is finally over! 

On the bottom line, your focus should not invest too much money in hiring a photographer. Instead, choose the photographer based on their experience in your ideal photography style. Put some real effort into the hunt as it is going to be a lifetime investment. 

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