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How To Accept Your Partner’s Past

Written by Abdullah

Accepting your partner’s history is an important aspect of any relationship, even if it isn’t always easy. Whether you’re preoccupied with their prior relationships or worried about their past mistakes, try to stay impartial. Concentrate on how your spouse now treats you and concentrate on building a trustworthy connection with them. Remember to live in the present and let go of the past.   

Every relationship is different and has its own dimensions. To understand and accept your partner’s past, focus on the dynamics of your relationship and how it works. When you know the current state of your relationship, it becomes easier to let go of the things that hurt you in the past. Then, talk to your partner and sort your problems out.  

To dig out what are the ways to accept the partner’s past, keep reading!  

Consider What You’ve Done in the Past:  


Put yourself in the shoes of your spouse. Remind yourself that no one is flawless and that everyone has a past. Make a mental note of your exes, errors you’ve made, and other examples that are similar to the aspects of your ex’s history that concern you. Imagine your spouse questioning whether you still have feelings for your ex or judging you for a ten-year-old error. You’d probably believe it’s unjust that they’re holding you accountable for things you did before you even met.  

But also keep in mind that even though you think your feelings are valid, your partner might be getting hurt by your actions. Understand your partner as if you were in their place. This will help you gain a broader perspective of things. When you keep in mind your own past, it becomes easier for you to ignore, forget, forgive, and accept the past mistakes of your partner.   

Don’t Jump to Conclusions:  

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When you get intrusive ideas, please pay attention to them. Recognize compulsive, black-and-white thinking and catch yourself leaping to conclusions. It’s one thing to reflect on or have feelings regarding your partner’s history. Try to notice when your thoughts rush or when you misinterpret a previous experience. On the other side, avoid obsessing over your partner’s previous relationships, scouring their exes’ social media profiles, or dwelling on a bit of blunder they made years ago. For more communication tips, read this article.

Be rational and don’t jump to conclusions. You may be hurting your partner without knowing. When you consider past mistakes, you are more likely to make irrational decisions that might make sense to you, but they really may be hurtful or offensive. Rationalize your thoughts and let go so that you can move on fully without holding a grudge for something. If you are having any intrusive ideas, talk to your partner that you might be having those feelings, but that doesn’t change the fact that you love your partner. This will help you accept your partner’s past.

Remember That No One Can Change the Past:  

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Remember that you can’t go back in time. You shouldn’t expect your spouse to have a fully clean slate because they can’t erase their history. In a relationship, everyone brings baggage. It’s up to you to decide if you can tolerate your partner’s baggage or not. But since you are in a relationship with a loving partner, it is always better to let go. It is always better to understand that they may have made a mistake, but that doesn’t affect your relationship now.   

It’s okay if you require some time to process your partner’s history. But holding a grudge against them or bringing up their history during a quarrel isn’t fair. It’s better to end things than to constantly drag your spouse over the coals if they have done something awful that you can’t tolerate. Think of it this way, what would you do if someone constantly kept you reminding you of the mistakes you’ve made even though you’ve repented? That’s exactly how your partner would feel. So, accept your partner’s past mistakes.    

Open Up Your Emotions: 

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Bring up your emotions politely and calmly. In the middle of an argument, please don’t bring up something from their history. Instead, when you’re both calm and happy, invite them to chat. Tell them something has been troubling you and that you want to tell them the truth about it. Talk to them and tell them that you might be getting some irrational thoughts, it would help them understand better and make your relationship stronger.   

“Can we have a chat?” say something like that. “Since you told me about how much you used to party, I’ve been nervous. I’m not saying you can’t have a good time, but that’s not my way. Do you believe you’ve managed to get it out of your system?” Honest conversations always lead to better results. You’re not hiding anything and being completely honest, and that’s what being in a relationship means—making compromises when it feels the hardest to do so.   

Being honest is the only way to go. When your partner understands that you’re being honest with them, they would also be honest in telling you about anything that might bother you. Be completely open with each other and try to imagine yourselves in each other’s shoes. It might seem like a difficult thing to do, but the results are so worth it. When you accept your partner’s past, You’ll have a sincere and loving partner by your side, and what’s better than that?  

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