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Guide To Creating The Perfect Wedding Invitation

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Syra Salam

Is it high time you started finalizing your wedding invitation cards and are struggling with where to begin? Relax that racing brain of yours and take a deep breath because these wedding invitation tips are about to make your life much easier!

Your wedding invitation is like a trailer to the movie which is your wedding. It’s the first contact point of your guests that hints at what is in store for them at your wedding. 

Basic Tips to Remember

Before getting into the details of your wedding invitation, there are some basic pointers that should be covered. 


It is important to have a clear budget in mind for your wedding invitation. Be it the kind of paper used, the printing, the fonts, etc.,  there will be a lot of choices to make. This means for every option the pricing will differ.

In order to avoid going overboard with your budget, you can explore invitation packages with different stationers to figure out a budget which will also help you narrow down your choices and speed up the process.

Determine the Number of Invites:

Before you get into organizing your wedding invitations, create a list of guests to determine the number of invites you’ll need. 

A tip to remember:

  • Get one invitation card per family.
  • Couples living together get one invitation addressed to both.
  • For couples living apart, you can choose to print separate cards or just one addressed to both and deliver it to the person you’re closer with. 

Order Extras:

Play it safe and order extra invitation cards. You do not have to order too many, just enough to keep in handy in case of emergencies.

Double-Check Every Detail and Chop Chop with the Process:

Double-check all the details to ensure you have not missed anything. Go over your invitations in detail, this gives you an opportunity to change or add anything before it’s all finalized.

Try not to delay the process. You might have to go through with changes and substitutes and last-minute planning does not give you much room for re-evaluation. 

Making Your Perfect Wedding Invite 

When choosing the details of your wedding invitations, make sure to stay true to yourself. The wedding invite is as much a reflection of you as a couple as it is a reflection of your special day.

The Theme of Your Wedding Invite:

Setting a theme for your wedding invitation increases its elegance, especially if the theme reflects your overall wedding theme. Whether you’re going for a formal black-tie event or a casual wedding party,  give your guests a glimpse into what they should expect. 

Explore designs on Instagram and Pinterest, and consult with a professional before finalizing your theme. You can have a trendy acrylic invitation, the classic black and white stock invitation, a fancier shimmery pocket fold, etc.  Once you’ve decided on the theme, choose your paper, colours, and fonts to capture that theme throughout the invitation. 

Decide a Color Scheme:

One tip to remember here is to avoid dark font on a dark colour scheme and light font on a light colour scheme at all costs!

Incorporating the seasonal colours in your wedding invitation can give it a beautiful look! You can work with a colour combination of your specific wedding colour theme and seasonal colours. 

For instance, for a Spring wedding, you can work with blush pink or pastel colours, for a Summer wedding, you can choose a warmer spectrum such as the coral colour, maybe a combination of orange and brown tones for Autumn, and emerald green, cobalt blue and other paler shades for Winter.

Add a Personal Touch:

Adding a little bit of “You” element to your wedding invitation such as your couple photo, a little keepsake item, anything to make them go “oh this is soo like them!” can make your invitations all the more precious. It’s truly all in the details. 

Other ways to personalize your invitations are by tieing a strand of vintage lace around the cards, using customized accessories, or even addressing the cards to your guests yourself with a cute message from you inviting them to your special day. 


Make sure your envelopes complement your invitations! Your envelope should make your guests want to open it up and see what is inside.

From simple printed square or rectangular envelopes to acrylics, pocket and pocket-less, see-through, and lined envelopes, you have a huge variety to choose from. Just make sure your envelopes also match the colour scheme of your invitation. You can also make your envelopes personalized by adding a customized seal to them! 


If you desire an aesthetic and rustic look for your wedding invitation, opt for calligraphy! Calligraphy will enhance the beauty of your wedding invitation and give it a very refined and elegant look. 

However, in case you do not have the budget to hire a calligrapher to write your wedding invitations, you can always choose a calligraphy font to print your invitations cards. Don’t worry, your wedding cards will still retain their charm. 

Wedding Message: 

Your wedding message entails ‘what’ you write and ‘how’ you put your message on the invitation.

Choose a font, font colour, and spacing of your message that does not make your invitation look crowded and wordy. 

Additionally, choose a style that complements the nature of your wedding, it could be formal, light, or even a bit informal depending on the vibe you want to create for the wedding. 

Make sure to explore your fonts and styles and spend some time crafting your wedding message. You want it to be heartfelt and warm. Unless you wish to go for a casual and witty invite, that would be perfect too!

Your wedding is a special day for you, hence, the invitation itself should also be just as special. So, start early and spend ample time in choosing the right details to make your wedding invitation perfect! Check out here how to find the best photographer for your wedding.

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