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How To Reignite The Passion In Your Marriage

Written by Abdullah
Passionate marriage

The relationship we have with our spouse is one of the essential ones in life. We feel a strong need to be with that person when we get together. We often think about them at all hours of the day and night and wish we could spend every waking second with them. They engulf our every thought, and we desire to be with them; their passion is both mental and physical. Unfortunately, this happens mainly in those relationships only that are new, and as more time passes, it seems impossible to reignite the passion in your marriage and.

With time, we get busier in our routines, and the spark that we felt in the relationship or the marriage goes away. Because of this, the relationship may become dull, and a dull relationship is certainly something to be worried about. However, we don’t understand that while this is quite normal, we can do several things to ensure that the spark never goes away.   

Marriage is a lifelong commitment for the two of you, and it should be treated as such. You can’t expect to make all the efforts before marriage and expect to let things flow smoothly after getting married without even making an effort. That’s not how things work. Therefore, you must talk to your partner beforehand about these things.

Here are some ways to rekindle the passion in your marriage. Let’s have a look.   

Stay The Same With Your Partner: 

Staying the same

Remember how passionate the two of you were when you were younger. Remember the happy times and the intense emotions. Get out there and do the things you used to do. You can have those times again since they’re still the same person. Also, you can do the things you once loved doing with your partner again by putting some extra effort. You can take some time out of your busy routine and sit down with your partner to the things you love and also the ones you once loved.   

Become More Open with Your Partner: 

Discuss your feelings with your spouse. They’ll probably feel the same way, and you can work together to rekindle the fire. Being not entirely open with your partner can affect your marriage. Try to talk things out, and look for the common problems that the two of you have. Then, actively work on those problems to set things straight. Because honesty goes a long way, especially in a romantic relationship.   

Dr. Juliana Hauser, a therapist, says that “Sit down together and, on small pieces of paper, and privately write down your resentments.”  

Set Priorities: 

One of the best ways to reignite the passion in your marriage is to prioritize your connection. Put it ahead of any other tasks that aren’t necessary. Make your partner the object of your affection. As we get busier, we tend to forget the importance we once gave to our relationship. If you have to make a few changes in your routine to spend time with your significant other, do it. Prioritize your relationship and watch that spark come to life again.   

Rekindle Your Sexual Desires: 

Sexual desires

There are a variety of approaches to rekindling sexual desire. Change your sex habits, spend time on foreplay, be interested in their body, have different forms of sex, and make sex a priority. We tend to ignore sex as we move on with the relationship; remember that physical intimacy is just as important as anything in a romantic relationship.   

Recognize the Variations: 

There is no way a relationship can be 100% passionate all of the time. Understand that there will definitely be ups and downs. Don’t worry if the passion isn’t always present (just if it goes completely) but do your best to make sure that the two of you enjoy the relationship. There is no way a relationship goes on when two people just get over it. Your relationship may be rocky at times, and that’s completely fine.   

Surprise Your Partner: 

Change up the routine You should reintroduce a little bit of excitement in the relationship every now and then. Finish work early to meet them, buy them a surprise gift, organize a surprise lunch out, visit them where they work, or send them an unexpected note. Keep things “sparkly” as you move on with your relationship. Make sure that there are enough things in the relationship that keep both you and your partner excited.  

Take A Break From Technology: 


Sometimes, the biggest enemy of our relationship is technology, social media, to be precise. Your partner might be expecting some actual time from you, and all you do is check your phone every five minutes. This can be pretty annoying and will throw off your partner.  

Moreover, they might think you’re not interested in what they say. Avoid checking devices when you are spending time with your partner, and ultimately make sure to be in the moment.   

It is a common problem for a lot of couples to lose the spark in marriage after some time. But it does not have to be that way for you. You can always take a few steps to ensure that your marriage doesn’t go down the drain. Therefore, with the steps mentioned above, you can rest assured that you can easily reignite the passion in your marriage, and you’ll be living happily ever after.   

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