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6 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

Written by Abdullah

Everyone wants to have a good bond with their partner. A happy and healthy relationship is a blessing, and it takes a long time to build that. You make constant sacrifices, and go through many hardships together. You forgive each other and whatnot. It takes time and commitment for building a happy relationship, and when you finally feel that your relationship is as good as it can be, it is genuinely relieving.   

If you are wondering whether you have a healthy relationship with your partner, then look at these signs so you can conclude!   

You Can Express Yourself: 

express yourself

Couples who can openly and honestly express themselves in their relationships prosper. That means you can talk about anything, and you’ll both feel heard. Consistent communication is essential for a long-term relationship. You talk about anything and everything, from silly jokes to serious conversations. This helps in many ways; you can sort out any disagreement by telling your partner what you want to say.   

If you can talk openly in your relationship without the fear of being judged, it is one of the signs that you are in a healthy relationship. You can talk about your feelings, and even though you feel that you cannot reflect upon your feelings indeed in front of other people, you can speak to your partner. If that happens, the two of you can be the happiest in the relationship.  

You Have Your Private Area: 

private area

You don’t have to spend all the time with your partner just because you’re in love. Taking time to explore your hobbies and connections keeps your relationship fresh and allows you to grow as people while also growing as a couple. It’s essential to have that private “me-time” with yourself because not only does it help you evolve and get to know yourself, but it also benefits your relationship in the long term.   

And the best part is that your partner understands that everyone needs some private time by themselves, so they don’t make you feel bad about wanting some time together. If your partner does that, it is a sign that you’ve found the one!  

You Discover Happiness Together: 

happiness together

Relationships that are happy and healthy are full of laughter and joy. Of course, this doesn’t imply you’re so excited all the time—or that your spouse doesn’t irritate you occasionally—but it does indicate that your life together is usually joyful in small ways. (Cooking supper together, laughing at the same jokes, completing each other’s sentences…)  

Just doing simple things together makes the two of you as happy you can be. For example, taking a walk together, reading books together, or just talking to each other makes you so glad the two of you are together.   

You Try To Balance Everything: 


While you play chauffeur and head cook, your partner may be required to work longer hours. Alternatively, you may need to spend time with an aging parent while your spouse takes care of the household duties. That’s how life is. What important is that your trade-offs appear fair in the long term. It’s not always you who has to do the house chores, cook food, or go to work. You must switch these duties with your partner so that everything is balanced. You have to balance the responsibilities.  

Moreover, when you work together and build your way up in a relationship, it shares the burden between the two of you. So, if you find yourself occasionally switching up tasks with your partner without any issue, know that your relationship is healthy and rewarding.   

Your Relationship Is A Safe Haven For You:  

Your partnership should serve as a safety net, providing a secure environment to return to at the end of the day. That isn’t to say you don’t argue; it just means that when things get tough, you’d prefer to see your spouse than anybody else. It is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship. When things get challenging, the two of you should rely on each other and have faith that you will get through anything together.  

Moreover, your secrets are safe, your fears are safe, and you can share everything with your partner. It doesn’t matter how unnecessary it sounds to you. If you think that you would feel light by talking to your partner and that there is no need to be scared of showing your feelings, you are in a healthy relationship.   

You Discuss Everything With Your Partner:  

discussing with your partner

You tell your spouse about your problems and concerns, not your co-workers at Happy Hour. Of course, you’ll always have your pals as a sounding board, but don’t use them as a crutch to avoid having difficult talks with your partner. Tell your partner everything. Broke their favorite mug? Tell them. Not going to be able to make it home in time for dinner? Let them know. More importantly, let them know of anything that bothers you in the relationship.  

Also, make your partner feel like they can talk to you about anything. For example, if your partner feels like there is no hesitation in telling you if they did something embarrassing, they will share everything with you, which will ultimately turn your relationship into a healthy one.   

It is essential that even if you feel all these things are a part of your relationship, you must never stop trying to make it better. There is no “perfect” relationship. We just make things better along the way.   

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