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Insight To Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage

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Syra Salam

Marriage is not just a social institution; it is a sacred bond that unites two souls. Every individual yearns to spend their life who loves and cares for them. However, the criteria for finding the perfect match are not the same for everyone. 

In a love marriage, people get to choose their life partners on their own. On the other hand, in an arranged one, individuals hand over the responsibility of choosing their life partners to their family. There is not set formula which style of wedding would work. Let’s analyze the both styles. Though across cultures, variations might occur in both styles.

So, How do We Describe Different Styles of Marriage?

In a love marriage, two individuals decide to marry each other for the sake of love. The partners do not consider each other’s caste, social status, economic background, or sometimes not even religion.  The two partners make the decision entirely, and there is little or no interference from the family. 

In an arranged one, two individuals decide to marry each other based on their family members’ recommendations. The decision of marriage in an arranged one is usually based on different factors. It includes religion, caste, social status, and economic background. 

The Debate of Love VS Arranged Marriage 

Some people hold the opinion that arranged marriages are repulsive and love ones should be the only way of choosing your life partner. At the same time, some individuals believe that arranged marriages tend to be more successful. The debate of these two notions goes back a very long way and is continued to date.

However, it is essential to consider that a successful relationship cannot be equated to the union of two perfect people. Instead, a successful relationship is one where two individuals overcome each other’s imperfections. And this is what makes their relationship perfect.     

Here are some arguments that individuals out forward regarding the topic of love marriage vs. arranged ones:

How are Love and Arranged Marriage Different from Each Other 

Prior Understanding

Love Marriage: In a love marriage, the partners already know each other well. From their insecurities and fears to their liking and life goals, the partners have shared almost every detail about themselves with each other. Therefore, they both have a comprehensive understanding of each other after marriage. 

Arranged Marriage: In most cases in conservative cultures, the partners do not get to talk to each other much before. Hence, they only get know little about their future husband or wife. Some soon-to-be-married couples in arranged marriages do not even get to talk before the day of their wedding. Therefore, the partners have very little understanding of each other before getting married. Once they get married, they might find it hard to get along with each other due to little prior understanding. 

The Likelihood of Love 

Love Marriage: Here, the partners marry out of love so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. Therefore, no matter how hard things turn out to be, most couples will continue to love each other after the marriage. The couples will always be up for making things work out rather than stopping to love each other. 

Arranged Marriage: The concept of love in arranged marriages is rather complex. There is also a very high possibility of the partners not finding themselves compatible with each other. As a result, the partners find it hard to love each other after their marriage. Moreover, the lack of love can also lead the couple to hate each other and condemn that marriage has ruined their lives, in extreme cases.

The Responsibility of Making Decisions 

Love Marriage: It gives the partners the liberty of making their life choices themselves. Therefore, they have to take a stand during conflicts and solve the issues themselves most of the time. Moreover, individuals who choose their partners themselves. They are not in the position to blame others for any gains or losses. 

Arranged Marriage: It has been usually said that the families of the two partners come together to form a new relationship rather than the partners alone. The elders in an arranged marriage play a significant role in making some of the most critical decisions. The elders take an active part in ensuring that the partners and families are comfortably settled and contended with each other. 

The Role of Elders 

Love Marriage: In some cases here, the couple moves away from their families so that they can live independently as a couple. Therefore, they do not have the presence of any elders around them. Consequently, the couple can not benefit from getting the much-required advice and guidance from their elders. 

Arranged Marriage: Since the elders of the couple play an integral role here, they ensure to intervene incase of any mishap.  In addition to the endless blessings, the elders also bestow the couple with valuable advice and suggestions with their life experiences. 

Social Approval 

Love Marriage: In many conventional societies around the globe, It is frowned upon even in today’s age. A majority of individuals perceive the idea of marriage as a status symbol. They hold the opinion that marriage is a way of ascertaining family pride and respect in society. Therefore, in most cases, the partners have to go against the interest and wishes of their families. 

Arranged Marriage: Since it includes the approval of family members, there is no further need for social approval or sanction. The relationships between the families are already strengthened. Therefore, the family bonds between the partners and their families seldom break as a result of the wedding.

Final Words

Whether it is an arranged or a love marriage, corporation, understanding, and goodwill are the things that really make a marriage successful. In addition, the bond of needs the active participation of both partners. There is not a guaranteed way which one of the both will work. Equal efforts to achieve success and harmony in life is of utmost importance in both the scenarios. By ensuring these things, either of the two types can be prosperous. 

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