How to Make Your Marriage Work?

How to Make Your Marriage Work?

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Syra Salam


Marriage is one of, if not the biggest, responsibility for married individuals. We must acknowledge the fact that nothing in this world is perfect. Even the best marriage has days where the couple may disagree on something. How to make your marriage work and the bond strong is how willing you are to let go of your ego and solve the problem at hand, with love.

Keeping a marriage healthy is very easy if the two people truly love each other. However, there are times where people feel the need to go the extra mile. Yet again, a sign of love for your partner is to never settle for less when it comes to making them feel special. If you wish to do the same, look no further.

6 Ways How to Make your Marriage Work

Let’s look at 6 little changes that you can implement in your married life to make big positive impacts.

  • Never go to bed angry: It’s one of the most effective techniques to make sure your marriage stays healthy and happy. Sit down with your partner and promise to never sleep while not being on the same page. If you disagree with something, you must sort it out as soon as possible. 

Both people must understand that the couple of days spent with mutual tension are burdensome on the other person. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, any of the two people should apologize and solve the misunderstanding. 

  • Bond with the in-laws: A very efficient way of making your spouse feel that you care for them is to bond with their family. This can include distant family too but close family should be your priority. 

A way to deal with this include taking your spouse’s parents out for a meal. Spending time with their younger siblings is also a great idea. The goal is to integrate not only into your spouse’s life but also the family you marry into. Going to family weddings from either side with your partner can also be useful.

  • Regularly spend time together: for many couples, especially those with kids, spending alone time is challenging. It is mostly the time you spend at home. It is thus advised to make sure you go out at least once a week or once every two weeks. Some refer to this as a “date night” after marriage. 

This helps in keeping the youth spirit alive inside the two of you. It acts as a brilliant activity to look forward to. It gives you a chance to tell your spouse how much you love them, and consistent effort is proof of love. 

This habit need not be an expensive one either. Going for an evening picnic followed by a nice dinner is as good as anything. You can even go bowling or mini-golfing followed by a couple of fast-food takeout meals for the two of you. If one of you isn’t in the mood to go out, ordering food at home with a movie to watch will suffice too! What should matter here is the quality of time spent together. 

  • Helping out around the house: It is very common nowadays for people to take care of house chores on weekends. In such a case, both individuals must try and help each other as much as they can to make marriage work and thrive too. If one of you is vacuuming the floors, the other can take the responsibility of cooking for the week. If one of you is home early, preparing dinner can go a huge way in making your spouse’s day better. 

This not only helps the two of you get all the work done quickly, but it also serves as quality time spent together. It helps your spouse realize you care for them, and by helping out more often around the house you can truly prove your love towards them.

  • Celebrate events: Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your spouse is making a special day even better for them. This includes days like their birthday and your anniversary. You can also celebrate occasions like women’s day, mother’s day, and father’s day. If you have children, celebrating their birthdays and achievements can also be a fun experience.So, you don’t necessarily have to go out of the way to make your marriage work.

On such an occasion, buy your spouse a good gift. It need not be an expensive luxury item, instead of something into which you put thought and effort. Throwing a surprise party with your spouse’s friends and family will also go a long way. The key here is to do something that makes your spouse happy, and the way to do this is to make an effort to make the day special for them.

  • Support their hobbies: A fundamental part of marriage is taking interest in your spouse’s interests. Let’s say as an example, your husband is passionate about gaming. Instead of objecting to his interests by saying things like “kids play games”, support him in what makes him happy. For husbands, if your wife likes to go on shopping trips, accompany her and let her buy her favourite things.

If the two of you support each other’s interests and hobbies, you will not only learn more about your spouse and their interests but it will also help strengthen the love between you two. What is better for someone than knowing that despite not being very interested in the topic, their spouse consistently makes an effort to know more about it and supports what makes them happy.

The Gist of the Discussion

To conclude, there are a wide array of little things that you can do to make your marital bond stronger than ever and make your marriage work. If we are to summarize the above in a single line, it would be: always make an effort as if you are still trying to win the person of your dreams. If a person follows this motto, they will for sure make their bond stronger with their spouse. It will prove their love, care, and affection towards their spouse. Your spouse is indeed your better half, and if you make sure they feel that way!

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