How to Make Gift Giving Special?

How to Make Gift Giving Special?

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Syra Salam

The significance of gift-giving: 

Gifts are exchanged between individuals at various instances of time. This can be for a birthday or an anniversary. People also give gifts on days like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, or Valentine’s Day. 

All in all, a gift is less dependent on the occasion for which it is given. Its major importance and significance lie in the considerate nature of the giver. There are various instances where the gifted item may not be a desire for the recipient. However, they love the gift so much that it becomes one of their most prized possessions. This happens when the recipient recognizes the effort behind the gift, not the gift itself.

What makes a gift memorable: 

The answer to this is very subjective to the person in question and their relationship with you. However, in a more generalized form, we can also say that anything that resonates with a person personally is a special gift. 

A gift may not be a luxury perfume, clothes, or a watch. It can be something as simple as a handmade card with a sweet message or a bunch of snacks that last them a couple of weeks, or even something as small as organizing a surprise party for them!

When to start looking for a gift: 

Let’s take an example of your best friend’s birthday. An ideal time to start planning for their birthday and gift will be a month or two before the day. However, more often than not it takes time in deciding what to buy. 

Furthermore, everyone has a busy schedule, so reserving time may only be possible on weekends after the gift is decided. In some cases, online orders take a few weeks to arrive depending on the product. A consequence of this is that if your friend’s birthday is next week and you like a specific product, you may have to pass up on it and buy something else. 

Thereby, it is wise to start looking for an ideal gift early on. This helps you make the best decision that will impact your relationship with the individual you give the gift to.

The thought process: 

Start by thinking about the things you wish that the recipient of your gift owned. As an example, if you know that a particular type of clothing will suit the recipient, get it for them. 

Furthermore, make sure that the gift you choose is not very predictable. This highly increases the chances of someone getting two of the same gifts if the occasion is special like their birthday or anniversary. Examples of obvious gifts include crockery for anniversaries and cakes for birthdays.

If you are close to the family of the person you want to give a gift to, try talking to them. This way you can gather an idea about what kind of a gift would be the best for them. As an example, you could talk to a sibling or your best friend and ask them what colour of clothing they are missing from their wardrobe. Such a gift will be perfect for filling a missing part of their wardrobe or anything else in general.

Giving the gift: 

The entire process of gift-giving ends with you giving the gift to its recipient. This needs to be a special moment, and you need to put a good amount of thought into it. For example, you can pack the gift into bigger boxes and make them unbox it till they reach the gift. You can also hide it and ask for them to find it. There is a wide range of things you can do to make this moment fun, sweet, and memorable.

Gift ideas for different people: 

Your significant other:

 Buying a gift for your partner is by far one of the easiest tasks. Your partner is someone you know inside out. Look for something you want them to do, like an outfit you would like to see them in. Men can give jewellery to their partners and this can even be customized. As an example, a heart-shaped locket with a picture of the two of you can be amongst the most thoughtful gifts you can give. 

Giving them smaller gifts more often is very necessary for your partners, apart from the bigger gifts on more special occasions. These smaller gifts may even be as small as a surprise dinner date or breakfast in bed. The larger more significant gifts can include expensive jewellery, a new car for the two of you or even a pet for you two to raise.

Close family members: 

Closer family includes your siblings, parents, and in-laws. Giving them gifts can be challenging, but buying them something special depending on their interests can be heartwarming. Following the above guide can be useful in deciding on a gift.


Often it is very easy to make a child happy with a toy of their choice. However, making a gift even more special for the child is very possible. You can ask them for their choice of gift. For example, if your child loves animals, adopting a puppy or kitten on their birthday can be a gift remembered for generations. 

Things to add with gifts:

 Giving a gift alone may sometimes not be the best idea. Thus to amplify the effect of the gift you need to do something creative. Below are some of the things you can do to make your gift stand out.

  1. Add a box of chocolates with your gift. Let’s face it, everyone has a sweet tooth! So some chocolates to go along with your gift can act as a brilliant way to show how much thought and love you put into the gift.
  2. Wrap the gift properly, this helps the recipient remember the gift as something special and unique. 
  3. Write a small meaningful note on the wrapped gift, or even separately. A handwritten note is a very good way of showing your love and consideration. 


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