How to make your big day successful

How to make your big day successful

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Syra Salam

A person’s wedding day is by far the most important event, only behind the day they were born. It is paramount that this day is made memorable and exciting for the bride, groom, and all the guests that attend. We will now look at a detailed procedure on how to make your wedding day successful and memorable!

Set a date

The first and foremost task for the couple and their families is to set a date allowing almost everyone you wish to invite to attend. This is one of the many reasons people often get married in the holiday season. 

It is also vital to make sure the weather is suitable on the day of your marriage, especially if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony. This is a reason that a vast majority of weddings occur in the summer season. In summers, children and younger adults are free from school and the weather is pleasant thereby making it perfectly suited for a wedding day.

Guest List

The guest list is a very tricky part of the organizing process. Certainly, you want your wedding to include all your close friends and family. Drawing a line here is necessary on who the people are whom you consider acquaintances and distant family. A very overcrowded wedding can take the fun away and will also be costly when arranging a venue and food.

Invite your guests

After your guest list is decided, it is now time to send out invitations. You may choose to create a digital card and email it to everyone, or create a Facebook group and add everyone there. If the guest list is comparatively small, you can personally call every individual and invite them. This will also add a lot of importance in their mind to attending your event.


After the guests are invited, deciding upon the menu is next. A good way is to take input from your guests, create an online survey with all the possibilities and ideas in your mind. According to the response received, finalize the most popular dishes amongst the guests. 

In the case that it is a full-day wedding with multiple meals, talk to a professional wedding services company and ask them to guide you. A good meal goes a very long way in making a day memorable!


The venue is undoubtedly a vital aspect when it comes to make wedding day successful. Discuss your preferences of location in detail with your spouse and listen to their side of the story too. There are many possibilities, such as a beach wedding or a wedding in the mountains. 

After your choice of location is decided, it is time to research the possible venues available. Make a list of at least 5 to 6 different venues and compare them upon factors such as price, capacity, availability, and scenic beauty. Check if the area is at a considerable distance away from where some of the guests will travel from. In this case check if accommodation such as hotels and Airbnbs are affordable in the area. 

After the booking has been made, update your guests on the final location at least a few months prior. This is to ensure that they can align their plans accordingly and make it to the wedding.

Wedding Dresses

This is yet another challenging aspect of planning a wedding. The groom and bride can take professional help in this area to make sure the process is smooth. It is often practiced that the groom sees his bride’s dress on the wedding day when she is wearing it. To make sure that this occurs smoothly, a middleman is needed. This middleman can be a member of the family, or as stated earlier a professional.

Professional Photographer

Hiring a well-reputed professional photographer will make sure that the best moments are captured on camera and preserved. A team of photographers will also be able to spread themselves across the whole venue and capture moments the bride and groom can not experience first-hand. An example of this would be the groom getting ready, these pictures or videos can later be shown to the bride.

The photographers will also take pictures of the guests, thereby making it a memorable day for them too. The photographers, if asked to, will also capture moments like the sunset and other scenic events occurring in nature on the day. Don’t compromise on the photographer to make your wedding day successful.


It is common practice that some of the best friends of the bride and groom give speeches on this day. These speeches are mostly humorous and are a very exciting part of the ceremony as all the guests get together and listen. This is a part not in direct control of the bride and groom, however, their best friends can be told about this beforehand to make sure they give a speech that entertains everyone. These gestures though not very big but help in making your wedding day successful.


An important part of the process of being tied in the holy bond of matrimony is the vows made to one another. Both the bride and the groom passionately write their vows to one another and speak them in front of everyone. Recording this moment can be very memorable for the two of them and their families. 

This part of a wedding is by far one of the sweetest and most lovely moments, children and adults are all focused on what is happening and the entire scene is beautiful.


Lastly, but not at all the least, is the cake. Wedding cakes are often very large personalized cakes. A good cake is very important thus it is key that the couple starts searching for a possible cake early on. For those with a sweet tooth, the taste is as important as the aesthetic element hence that is another thing to take care of.


The above includes most of the key aspects of how to make your wedding day successful! Other minute details can make a day memorable and special too and we recommend you visit the following link for more ideas: We wish you the best of luck in organizing your big day and we hope it brings you everlasting happiness and joy!

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