Don’t Let Gadgets Interfere with Your Marriage

Don’t Let Gadgets Interfere with Your Marriage

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Syra Salam

Where technology has brought the world closer, it has made us distant from the people around us. Moreover, since it has become a massive part of our daily lives, technology is a significant killer of relationships these days. Some couples do appreciate the opportunity of being able to communicate with their partner when they are apart. However, some couples see gadgets as a nuisance to their happy married life. Usually, the main concern here is the partners spend more time with their gadgets than with their significant others. So how can you as a couple don’t allow gadgets interfere in your marriage? Let’s find out! 

How You Should Not Treat Technology 

Technology is known to be driving the world. However, a good amount of couples have agreed on technology not having a real impact on their relationship. 

But what should one do if their wife is more interested in her Pinterest feed? Or how to deal with a husband whose all of the attention is diverted to reading e-newspaper.

Here are some of the effective tricks and tips that will help ensure that technology impacts your marriage only positively. 

Don’t let technology be a distraction 

When you are spending time with your partner, always make certain you are not just physically but mentally present with them. For example, if they are talking to you, always put your phone aside. If they want to have a conversation with you, always make sure your phone is on silent. Moreover, if you really feel the need to keep your phone away, leave it in a different room. 

Moreover, you and your partner should set this one rule where you both won’t be allowed to bring phones to the bed. This way, you both can end your day with an uninterrupted, natural conversation. 

Don’t let screen time be an excuse for less face time 

Even if you and your partner text or call each other throughout the day, you should never let it be an excuse to not talk face-to-face. There must be a lot of couples that text each other even when they are home together. However, this habit only leads to misunderstanding and a lack of intimacy between the partners. For this reason, couples should never underestimate the power of face-to-face conversions and eye contact. 

Only prioritize super important Texts/Calls 

Since we have a wide range of social media platforms available at our fingertips, it becomes pretty hard to decide what should you actually respond to? Therefore, it is significant to control your temptation to reply to every text or phone call. 

It is essential to consider that we are not emphasizing ignoring your important errands. The point being made hers is that an individual should always know what text or call can risk missing for the sake of their partner. If your priorities are set right, we are sure you’d be able to spend time with your better half and deal with work proficiently. 

Be flexible 

Flexibility and good communication is the primary key to a successful marriage. Therefore, you should consider both of these things when dealing with concerns regarding technology. 

There can be various urgencies, including work commitments or other important things, when you can’t ignore a call or text even when you want to. In that case, you both can communicate in advance and set all the rules regarding these occasional exceptions. This way, your partner will already know your commitments, and it won’t make them upset. Again, don’t allow gadgets interfere in your marriage and relationship!

How You Should Use Technology 

So the next question that arises here is, can technology be an effective tool for married couples? If used right, for sure! Here are few effective tips that will help all he married couple make the most out of technology. 

Photograph each memory

One constructive use of technology can be photographing your day. You and your partner can take pictures of everything you both see and experience throughout the day. Then, in the evening, you both can have a fun conversation over coffee and share these pictures with each other. 

You might think of this as a small act. But believe us, these simple yet warm moments effectively bring the two partners closer. 

Watch something together 

Watching your favourite show can be a great way to wind. However, watching it alone on your personal gadget can make your partner feel left out. Therefore, the best way to make your favourite show more enjoyable is to make your partner watch it with you. 

Moreover, you must also make sure the series or movie you choose to watch interests your partner too. This way, you both can discuss the characters, get invested in the storyline, laugh at the funny parts, and be overwhelmed by the emotional scenes together as a couple. 

Keep sharing little details throughout the day

It is quite normal for couples to text or calls each other when they are not together. However, there can be much more to this usual habit. For example, you can send each other selfies of you that will give their stomach instant butterflies. 

Moreover, you can also send your partner voice or video messages that will indeed act as a mood booster whenever they are in the middle of a bad day. This way, not only the communication lines will remain open, but you both will feel closers to each other even when you’re apart. 

Stay in touch when they’re away 

A lot of couples have to deal with long distances owing to their jobs. Therefore, whenever your partner has to leave for another city or country, make sure you use technology by staying connected to them. You can take them on long calls to ask them about how their day went. 

Moreover, you can also video call them to make them miss you a little less. We know that distance can be hard to handle, but it can be minimized to a great extend with little effort. 

Bottom Line 

On the bottom line, a successful marriage revolves around good communication. Yes, gadgets can be pretty beneficial, only if used wisely. Therefore, make sure you use gadgets as a tool for connecting with your partner and prevent all the things that can be troublesome for your relationship. Don’t allow gadgets interfere in a beautiful bond of marriage!

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