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How To Plan A Winter Wedding

Written by Abdullah

Winter weddings may be enchanting and romantic, but there are a few challenges that are unavoidable when planning a wedding in the colder months. Don’t be alarmed if you’re planning a winter wedding; all of these issues are minor and completely avoidable with proper planning ahead of time. Today, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-follow pointers to guarantee that your winter wedding goes off without a hitch.

Choose A Color Scheme

Focus on color before moving forward. Because winter’s brightness is muted compared to summer’s, this is the ideal time to employ color to its maximum potential. The colors that work well for winter weddings are usually divided into two categories: subtle and opulent.

Cream and grey, as well as silver and pale green, are subtle hues. Dark red and brown, or burgundy and blue, are examples of richer hues. To bring things together, use colors irregularly throughout design elements.

Emphasize Warm, Comforting Foods

People instinctively seek to comfort foods for warmth as the temperature cools. Instead of small bites, a wedding reception supper should emphasize robust cuisine. Guests of all ages will enjoy and be nourished by a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine.

Timings Matter For A Photo Session

It gets dark considerably sooner in the winter, so adapt your photo schedule to allow more light. It’s common to take photos before your wedding ceremony. If you’re unsure how to proceed, speak with your photographer. They should be able to predict what would work.

Use Candles And Fairy Lights To Create A Festive Atmosphere

Another option is to use sparkling fairy lights to create a warm atmosphere. Brides may make an incredible paradise by stringing lights across the site. They can also emphasize a single feature, such as a highly lighted ceremony background. Candles, with their gentle, flickering glow, are another option for adorning a small area. Even if the weather outside is everything but quiet, these components greet visitors and family and generate a sense of serenity.

Ensure The Comfort Of Your Visitors

Even the most joyous celebrations can be ruined if there is a cold in the air. Consider using warm-themed things to keep guests happy and comfortable. Blankets and wraps, as well as tiny portable heaters, are ideal for a barn or outbuilding. Consider warm beverages as well.

Choose Wedding Colors That Are Reminiscent Of Winter

Use tones of white, silver, and blue to create a stylish winter wonderland mood. Consider antique gold with emerald green or deep red for a more rustic look. To play up the contrast and winter tones in your décor, use a light hue and a vibrant color. A winter wedding in all white may also be gorgeous.

Put A Pair Of Shoes

Flats are necessary for aching feet, but winter couples should bring an additional pair of boots to deal with the conditions. When it becomes wet, heels are constructed of the most challenging materials to deal with. Several lovely satin heels will be damaged simply by strolling around before the wedding or taking photographs outside. “Bring a spare pair of shoes for pre- and post-wedding events to avoid ruining the ones you’ll be wearing to tie the knot in.”

Use Thermostat

Temperature regulation is vital because you want it to be nice, but with so many people in one area, it may soon get too hot. Inquire about the venue’s temperature controls and ventilation. You should be able to control the temperature of your home.

Select A Reception Venue That Can Handle Your Visitors’ Winter Attire

The majority of your visitors will be wearing thick jackets, as well as mittens, hats, dripping umbrellas, and other winter gear. Choose a reception site with lots of closets and storage space so they don’t have to drag those items around with them.

For Outdoor Weddings, Choose Heavier Clothes

It’s going to be freezing during a winter wedding outside! Keep this in mind when selecting wedding party clothes. Silk, velvet, brocade, pique, may be used to make dresses for the bride and bridesmaids that are attractive and warm. Wool suits will keep the groom and groomsmen warm. Tweeds and tartans are also friendly and festive additions to any wardrobe.

Prepare Your Wardrobe Accessories

Consider that the wedding party will most likely have to arrive at the site in the cold or snap a few photos outside. If you wish to wear a strapless wedding gown, add a matching wedding coat to your wardrobe along with a lovely hat, earmuffs, elegant gloves, scarves, and snow boots.

Fur shrugs are opulent and chilly. A winter cloak will keep you warm while also giving you a sophisticated look.

Have Waterproof Choices On Hand

Inclement weather, such as severe sleet, snow, and ice, puts winter weddings in danger. Bring ponchos, rubber rain boots, umbrellas, and other items if you and your wedding party must go through any of them. Once you’re securely inside, you may always put on your flashy shoes!

Make your winter wedding as fun as it can be by keeping the mentioned things in mind!      

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