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How to Overcome Common Wedding Day Mishaps

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Syra Salam

Out of all of the days and events in your life, your wedding day is the one day you envision being carried out smoothly. After countless meticulous planning, and overthinking every aspect, you believe you can effortlessly conquer the day without any hiccups. And why wouldn’t you? Everything has been sailing smoothly till now, nothing could go wrong. Unfortunately, however, wedding day mishaps are more common than you’d think. Thats why we have come up with tips and tricks as how to overcome common wedding day mishaps.

With so many major responsibilities to cater to, sometimes just those minute occurrences come to bite you from behind that you initially forgot to take care of. Nevertheless, fret not; no event ever entirely goes to plan, and that just adds to something you can reminisce of in the future for a laugh!

 In this article, we will be discussing the most common wedding day mishaps that you should be mentally prepared for beforehand to overcome those common wedding day mishaps. However, even if you are not, we will be sounding off the most convenient solutions to them as well!

Wardrobe Malfunction

A wardrobe malfunction is every bride’s nightmare, and rightfully so. After all, you have been envisioning walking down that aisle in that perfect wedding gown for years.

 However, the only obstacle between you and the anticipated reality is the setback caused by your attire. Whether it is a zipper that refuses to zip, a stain on the dress, or a missing undergarment, all of it can be fixed in a jiffy.

 When it comes to a stuck zipper, you can simply wax the zipper with some lubricant to make it slide along easily. But, if it is broken, there’s nothing a needle and thread can’t fix! You would just have to request another person to assist you in the task. 

Stains on the dress can be easily handled as well. You can make use of Club Soda, compact stain removing sticks, and even a shade of chalk that matches the color of your dress. Additionally, it is always recommended to be cautious of misplacing or forgetting essentials that comprise your dress. Always ensure to pack with you an extra bra, slip skirt, etc. in case of such emergencies. 

Acne Breakout 

Picture this: since the last few months, you have made sure to eat healthily, avoid oily food, drink detox juices. Whats more? To top it all, religiously follow a skincare regimen. Unfortunately, only to wake up on the day of your wedding with an angry zit on your face. 

The scenario itself resonates sentiments of a nightmare to any bride or groom who anticipates appearing their best on the day of their wedding. However, don’t let any acne breakout deter your confidence.

 In this case, makeup will be your best friend. Especially concealers and foundations to disguise your enflaming pimple, and blend it seamlessly with the rest of your skin. The ordeal will become less burdensome if you have employed a makeup artist for the day of your special event. The professional will ensure your skin looks and feels its best, regardless of any bumps. 

Moreover, it is recommended to avoid any facials or face waxing a few days before the wedding. Consequently, as the procedure itself or the products may cause a negative reaction to your skin if they are not compatible. 

Unprecedented Weather 

If you have planned an outdoor wedding, the last thing you want to hear on the weather forecast is a turbulent weather forecast. Whether it is a hurricane, hail, or even rainfall, the smartest decision is to call up your event planner. Experienced event managing companies normally have a contingency plan in order in case of such scenarios. They have an alternative indoor setting available. 

Moreover, since it is your big day and the last thing you need is additional stress, the event planner’s job description also entails informing all the guests and relevant vendors as well. However, in case of extreme weather conditions, all guests should be warned to maintain extra caution and decipher whether traveling would be suitable or not. 

Alterations in Guest List 

When it comes to the guests attending your wedding, you truly cannot control or anticipate any mishap. You can, however, do some damage control. The most common setbacks the to-be married couple experiences is if either the number of expected guests exceeds, or if there are too many empty seats and tables. 

In the case of extra guests, which is normally caused by people bringing their uninformed plus-ones, it is an easy solution. Simply notify your event manager or the staff at the venue. By doing so, extra seats and tables can be arranged. The message can be carried on to the caterers to prepare extra food if the need arises.

 However, in the case of lesser guests showing up at your wedding, the venue may look deserted with empty tables and chairs. In this situation, you would again have to inform the staff at the venue to remove the unoccupied furniture. 

Running Behind on Schedule 

Not having things go according to plan isn’t just stressful, to say the least, it is anxiety-inducing. If you are running behind on the schedule and the guests have already arrived, don’t panic! While either you or your spouse-to-be are not ready yet, you have to take drastic measures to entertain your guests. 

You can keep your guests occupied by either requesting the entertainment to start early. Moreover, you can also open the bar, so the guests can entertain themselves with free cocktails and drinks. They would be so indulged; they wouldn’t even notice! 


No wedding day goes according to plan, no matter how methodical you aim to be in your preparations. In the end, you have to remind yourself that these disasters occur more commonly than you’d think. If other couples have gone through this ordeal, so can you! You just have to remain calm, calculated, and seek possible alternative solutions to the problem you are facing. We hope that these mentioned tips and tricks as how to overcome common wedding day mishaps will save your big day.

In the end, no matter how perfect or turbulent the day goes, the only aspect of it which you will remember down the road is marrying your love, and officially tying the knot in front of all of your friends and family in holy matrimony.

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