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7 Bloggers with Disability You Should Follow  

Blogging has become a sought-after profession and hobby for many individuals. However, apart from being a good way of making a living, blogging is also a great way of connecting with a large community. However, it is not every day that we get to see people with disabilities running a successful blog, which can actually be insightful for people dealing with different disabilities.   

This is why many people with disabilities have started their own blogs and social media accounts. All of these bloggers and social media influencers aim at inspiring disabled people and helping them find a way out of their everyday challenges.   

Furthermore, a lot of bloggers with disabilities are also running various campaigns for the inclusion of disabled people in different professional fields.  

Here we have stacked up a list of some of the many bloggers with disabilities that indeed are worth following:  

Jillian Mercado 


Julian Mercado is a Latina fashion model who never let her disability bog her down. Jillian has muscular dystrophy, which was diagnosed when she was in her early teens. Despite that, nothing stopped Jillian from chasing her dreams.  

Being keen on fashion, Jillian jump-started her career by getting a degree in marketing from FIT. After that, Jillian interned for Allure magazine modelled for various campaigns for big names, including Olay and Target. However, her biggest gig was to model for Beyonce’s Formation world tour in 2016. Additionally, Jillian has also featured in various editorials for various famous fashion magazines like Teen Vogue, Glamour, CR Fashion Book and Cosmopolitan,  

Being a successful fashion blogger, Jillian uses her platform to represent disabled people in the industry. As a part of her activism. Mercado also worked with the Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2018 to foster the intersection of disability and gender in the industry.  

Marimar Quiroa  


Marimar Quiroa is a 23-year-old beauty blogger and Zumba instructor from South America. Marimar was born with cystic hygroma, a tumour where fluid-filled sacs grow around the neck or face. Shattering all the preconceived ideas about beauty, Marimar’s content is all about giving everyone lessons on “self-love”.  

Although Marimar is not able to speak because of cystic hygroma, she makes sure to make good use of subtitles and sign language to put across her words to the audience. Moreover, with her fierce make-up looks, fascinating style-statement and confident personality, Marimar for sure is a blogger you would love to follow.  

Curb Free With Cory Lee 


If you are big on travel blogs, you will surely have a great time reading through the travel stories on Curb Free with Cory Lee. This travel blog is run by Cory, a wheelchair user and a travel addict. Cory was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that affected his nervous system, leading him to depend on a wheelchair for mobility.  

Nonetheless, nothing could diminish Cory’s desire to travel all across the globe. From Iceland to South Africa, Cory’s has travelled to various parts of the world. He also makes sure to share his journey on his blog, so other wheelchair users can learn different tips and tricks to travel with a wheelchair comfortably. Cory’s foremost goal is to help and provide people with a disability with all the helpful information regarding wheelchair-friendly airlines, hotels and tourist spots.   

Tess Daly  


Tess Daly is a beauty blogger famed for her exceptional make-up skills. She is often seen showing off her passion for make-up all over Instagram and Facebook. Apart from her make-up skills that leave everyone in awe, this twenty-nine-year-old make-up enthusiast owns thousands of followers because of her high spirit and never-ending energy.  

Tess was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when she was just 18 months old. Ever since, Tess has been a wheelchair user. However, the disability never stopped Tess from harnessing her passion for being a make-up artist. Tess has now successfully established herself as a make-up artist and holds a position in the list of the most followed bloggers with disability. 

Carly Findlay 


Carly was once described as an appearance activist by a journalist, which has become a title she sports proudly in her Instagram bio. Apart from being an activist, Carly is also a writer, speaker and roll-skating buff. 

Carly was diagnosed with ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder that makes the person’s skin and hair extremely dry and rough. Nevertheless, Carly is a high-spirited individual who has a great deal of love for food and fashion, which she often displays on her Instagram account as well.  

Besides that, Carly also shares different treatments and remedies for physical pain to help people with ichthyosis. Moreover, while being a beauty blogger, Carly aims to challenge the norms associated with the notion of beauty and work to include disability in both media and fashion.  

The Wheelchair Mommy  


The blog The Wheelchair Mommy is run by a mother of three, Priscilla Hedlin. Priscila started her blog fifteen years back, and since then, she has been sharing her everyday life.  

Priscilla mostly talks about her life as a mother of three young boys while being a wheelchair user in her blogs. However, Priscilla’s blogs also cover other topics, including fashion and family adventures.  

In addition to that, with the help of her blogs, Priscilla has also addressed issues of being pregnant as a paraplegic and parenting from a wheelchair. Her blogs are definitely a great source of inspiration for individuals who struggle with parenting.  

Madeline Stuart  


Madeline Stuart is the world’s first supermodel with Down Syndrome. From New York and Paris to London and Dubai, Madeline has walked some of the world’s biggest runways. With her remarkable looks and stunning walk, Madeline has been turning everyone’s head since she was 18 years old.   

After making a name in the fashion industry, Madeline has started helping other aspiring models with a disability through her Instagram account. With over 340k followers, Madeline has successfully run various campaigns to include disabled people in the fashion industry.  

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