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7 Tips to Make Your Honeymoon Feel like You’re on the Moon

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Syra Salam

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip; hence, it should be nothing but perfect. It is the first trip you will be taking with your significant other, so naturally, you want it to be special. But, at the same time, you do not wish to break the bank or go into debt for the sake of making your trip perfect.

The good news is you actually don’t have to fret over putting a dent in your wallet to make your honeymoon the best. All that you need to do is plan smartly and properly. But how would you do that?

Here are a few helpful tips that would enable you to put all the odds in your favour so that you can have the time of your life with your beau with no hassle.

1.   Have a Talk with Your Partner First For Honeymoon

You have indeed known your partner for a long time since you’re ready to get hitched. So, it is always a good idea to bring up honeymoon planning days before your wedding. You both have to have a reasonable amount of time to know about each other’s liking. If you guys already have a bucket list, discuss it further. Keep throwing around ideas until you both are entirely sure about what you want for your honeymoon.

Indeed, discussing your honeymoon is not all breeze in general. But it is not something complicated either. You can discuss things like the ideal time frame to travel, your budget, any specific experiences that you or your partner are looking for, or how far you want to travel ideally. All of these conversations can be used to set the framework right.

Planning beforehand will also make it easier to take a generous amount of time off work and update your callous boss about it in time. Moreover, a discussion would also help you choose the stops you’d like to include in your journey. You can get to know your partner’s expectations better and let them know about yours. This way, you can make certain that everything is planned just perfectly.

2.   Decide on the Duration of Everything

You have set aside the number of days you will spend vacationing. But, have you sorted out how many days would you spend doing certain things. Like obviously, your honeymoon would consist of oodles of activities. Hence, you must work out how much time you want to allot to your favourite activities. After all, you need to ensure you spend your honeymoon travelling and not transiting.

Suppose you intend on spending two or three weeks honeymooning. In that case, you’ll get plenty of time to give a shot to faraway destinations. However, if you are taking a week-long vacation, you would not get much time to deal with the exhaustion of a long journey or overcome jet lag. Hence, you got to consider the number of days while planning your honeymoon. You definitely would not want to hoof it across the world for two days just to come back and do it all over again a few days later.

3.   Don’t Overlook Shoulder-Season and Off-Season Opportunities

While deciding the ideal time and weather to travel, don’t forget to be vigilant about the peak season. Peak vacation season or high season is usually the time of the year when travelling is the most expensive. For instance, you may think July is the best month to travel to Hawaii. However, it would probably also be the peak vacation season. Hence, you will have to pay more than usual for your airfare and accommodation.

So, the best practice is to make your trip during shoulder season or off-season. Off-shoulder can help you save a significant amount of money. It’s just that you have to be careful about the unpredictable weather.

4.   Don’t Make All of the Bookings At Once for the Honeymoon

Once you have decided on the duration and destination of your honeymoon, the thing that follows is the booking process. But remember to not make every booking at once. Rather, make bookings over time and space everything out. This would help you manage the payments efficiently and ease off the financial burden.

If you want to stay at multiple hotels, book them one by one. Book first the one that you will be checking into first. You can book others on the list gradually as your departure date starts to get near. Just assure that the hotels you want to stay in don’t run out of rooms for you.

5.   Consider Making Multiple Stops for Honeymoon

Undoubtedly, many individuals want to stay back and relax at a single spot for their honeymoon. Taking one flight and being done with your trip isn’t really bad, though. However, if you really want to make your honeymoon memories last, you better consider the option of a multi-stop honeymoon.

Hence, if you both are open to the idea of travelling more and your budget allows it, pack a wide array of settings into your honeymoon. This is also a great way to check multiple destinations off your list with a single trip. First, however, make sure the destinations you choose would make sense with each other logistically.

6.   Set a Budget for Travelling and Things You Want to Do Once You Reach

Apart from big stuff like air tickets and hotels, you also need to set a budget for intercity travel. Like taking a metro, cab, or renting out a car, all of these things should be a part of your budget.

Moreover, you must budget for special things you both would like to do after reaching. The activities can include things like a sunset cruise ride, spa sessions, romantic dinners by the beach, trying luck at casinos, or visiting a winery.

7.   Ask For Suggestions Online

Social media and online websites is a great place to get valuable suggestions for planning your honeymoon. You can connect with people who have taken a trip to the same places you would be visiting for your honeymoon. Surely, people will have a great deal of suggestions, tips, and advice for you. That way, you can make sure that you don’t miss out on any unique experience during your trip.

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