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Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Written By:
Syra Salam

In the UK, around 4.4 million people with disabilities are involved in the workforce, with 11 million people being disabled in general. People with disabilities are prone to requiring different things to help them out in their everyday lives. Its no wonder that accessibility for people with disability is a challenge. Now, that times are progressive, people have started to construct technology which enable people with disabilities to help access everything in life. Moreover, it makes their everyday chores much easier than before. This is all because of the new items specially designed to cater for the needs of people with disabilities. 

Some of the major advancements for different types of disabilities are below:

Physical disabilities:

Disabilities such as those mobility problems, speech difficulties and restricted limb movement come under the guise of physical disabilities. 

Flights of stairs, curbs, conversational exchanges such as at restaurants and hospitals, pushing and turning things etc can act as hindrances for people with special needs.

To overcome this, having escalators and elevators in all buildings is a great advancement. It benefits people with mobility problems. In addition, it also help elderly citizens who may find it hard to walk huge flights of stairs. Other helpful ways are construction of ramps at entrances of buildings alongside sidewalks and curbs. 

Establishing businesses for people to book meetings or tables online has been a great relief for those people who have speech impairments. They can type or choose what they want to form the options provided in different sectors of life without struggling. 

Sensory Limitations:

People who have visionary difficulties may have a hard time being able to understanding the written text on signs, pamphlets and texts etc. Other affectees also include people with hearing impairment.

There are also people with hearing impairments which affect them in their daily lives.

These people may have trouble walking on sidewalks, crossing roads, reading signs, or watching or listening to the news with important signs.

The way to make things suitable for people with these special needs is by the government issuing service dogs. These services can help in steering the way. Other ways are by having announcements of when the light is red and when it’s green at signals. In addition, making maps of the city with brail can help. News channels now have small imagery of people who have proficient knowledge of ASL. This imagery is playing on the side so the news is accessible to everyone. Having people who know ASL at different organizations and establishments is also important so everyone can access information.

Neurological Disabilities:

People with epilepsy and other seizure-related issues, severe migraines, Tourette’s etc may be unable to carry out many everyday tasks. 

The triggers of migraine are weather, flashing lights, and hormonal imbalances. People with epilepsy are not usually affected unless they go through epileptic shocks and seizures. Tourette’s syndrome is a vocal disability which causes problems in conversing. 

One cannot change the weather to suit people with migraines but having photosynthetic lighting, warnings before concerts and movies etc that there would be instances o flashing lights . This could trigger a migraine or a seizure is extremely helpful. Having medications ready at hand in a public place in case of an issue as such is also a great initiative . Many companies and organisations have started taking this action. For Tourette’s, the triggers for the tics are stressful situations. So, waiting for their tics to settle is extremely important and helpful. 

Developmental Disabilities:

People with Autism and Down Syndrome and other types of cognitive limitations have difficulties in normal day-to-day tasks. 

They may not be able to fully understand situations and how to handle them. People with special needs would likely struggle in small, common tasks and need assistance in them.

People with special needs would need to be with and in case giver incase they can not handle themselves. In case of unavailability of a caregiver, there should be a professional who knows how to deal with people with Autism and Down syndrome. This is to help and assist these people in their tasks. Instead of letting them wander and go about alone if they do not seem to be able to be well versed in whatever they are doing it is advisable to guide them thoroughly and not get annoyed or agitated. Many places are now equipped with workers who have been either trained or told how to deal with people with special needs. It is a great step in becoming a progressive and helpful community. 

Mental Disabilities:

With the hoards of stress and problems, there are a lot of people who have psychological issues which include but are not limited to chronic depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. 

All these illnesses are a hindrance in daily tasks and leave people feeling extremely worn out. Some stages of these problems are extremely severe. To deal with it, one should turn to professional at a hospital and their specific medications. Hence, it is advisable to not give them medicines without prescription.

The only way to deal with mental illnesses in social settings is to be understanding towards them. Now, many companies have started to take mental illnesses into account. Moreover, they perceive them as actual, genuine reasons for absence or inability to do work. Giving people the space to perform at their own pace and in a stress-free environment is extremely crucial for the betterment of these individuals. Understanding their needs and assisting them instead of behaving in an unorderly manner will result in a smooth process. 

All in all, the time that we are living in now is extremely fortunate. People have raised awareness about these issues and their solutions have been or are starting to be implemented to help all individuals in our community. It is a great initiative and step in making the world a better, more inclusive place. This way, we expand our reach by utilizing the ideologies people with special needs have. Consequently, we can cater to every society present in our diverse communities. 

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