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Attending College With A Disability

The first year of the college experience is a rollercoaster ride. You get to meet so many new people and make a lot of new friends. You get to experience the highs and lows of moving away from your home. College is usually an extremely fulfilling experience, although equally exhausting. Hence, while experiencing the epic ride of college, one may forget to take care of their health, especially when one has a disability. 

Attending college with a disability has somewhat been becoming normal. Because there are increased accessibility and inclusivity area at most colleges throughout the world, people with disabilities are more confident about attending college. However, attending college with a disability may be difficult for you, depending on the type of your disability. In this article, we will be looking at the different areas of attending college with a disability. 

Male student talking with female student sitting on powered wheelchair at university campus.

Find A Doctor Near Your College:

First things first, it is important that you take any measures necessary to take care of your health. One of the basic things that you can do for your health while attending college with a disability is to find a good doctor near your campus. It is important that you keep your health under the supervision and get regular medical checkups. Moreover, when you are in your freshman year, it is important that you take additional measures for your health because you are in a completely new and different home setting. 

Getting a doctor who completely understands your disability and knows what drugs and medications are going to be the best for you may be a hassle, but it is essential to do so. Make sure that you let your doctor understand your disability completely. Tell your doctor everything there is to be told about your disability and how you are coping with it. When you find a good doctor who understands your needs, it becomes easier to attend college with a disability. 

Prioritize Your Health:

Let’s be real. College is a rollercoaster, and you learn so much while you experience the beginning of a new phase of life. It can prove to be detrimental to people with disabilities and people without disabilities. You may get emotional, physical, or mental stress that you will need to take care of. It would be best to prioritize your health over anything else, especially in college. Most people seem to miss this part, and it is what makes their college life bad. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop taking classes just because you don’t want to go to the class. It means that when you see that there is an issue with your health, you should sort it out before you do anything else. You can catch up on your coursework later, but if your health becomes worse, it will become quite stressful for you. So, when there’s a day that you feel like you won’t be able to attend the class because of a few health complications, skip the class. 

Understand The Mental Health Services of Your College:

It is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with the mental health services of their college before the need arises. The college has a way of doing that, depleting your mental health. Because of the stress of coursework, you may be prone to worse mental health. College students tend to be prone to a higher number of mental health problems. So, you should familiarize yourself with the mental health services of your college before it becomes too late. 

Most good colleges provide mental health services that cater to the needs of students. There are also clubs for the mental health of students with disabilities. You should find the right service for you and make sure that your mental health is in the right condition to move on with college. When you feel like college is too much, take a break for the betterment of your mental health

Take A Look At Transportation:

When you have a disability, you must know the best transportation options for yourself. Most college buses and other transportation systems have disability-inclusive options, so you should look for those options. When you find a local transportation mode that is according to your disability, you should stick to that transportation mode. Going to the college from your dorm or your house and coming back will become easy once you familiarize yourself with the appropriate transportation. 

Moreover, you should have a good look at the routes that go around your college. It is important that you take the best routes according to your disability. For example, if you use a wheelchair, it may not be the best option to use an underground train system. Find a disability-inclusive transportation option that works the best for you and make sure that you move around safe and sound. 

Attending college with a disability can become a challenge when you don’t know your way around certain things. In order to make this easier for you, you should make sure that you are prioritizing yourself and your ease over other things. The things mentioned above are sure to help you while attending college with a disability. 

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