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How You Can Empower Women Around You  

Women have faced a great deal of difficulties throughout the years. Be it wage gap, patriarchy, or economic inequality, females have to face many problems daily.  

However, the world has started to make little progress as more women are becoming informed about their rights. But, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.  

Have you ever wondered if you can contribute to women’s empowerment? The answer is yes! For sure, you can help women move forward and make a substantial difference. Read on to know how.  

Validate their Self-Expression  

Women’s narratives have been underrepresented for a very long time. Therefore, it is high time that women’s self-expression starts getting the validation it deserves. So when you encounter a woman being vulnerable and sharing her story, appreciate that act of courage. 

Remember, it is never easy for women to show the world their vulnerable side. Therefore, a little acknowledgement from your end will go a very long way. Your acknowledgement will make them feel applauded. Moreover, it will encourage many other women to be vocal about their experiences and get the validation they might be yearning for.  

Boost their Self-Esteem  

When you empower women and girls to speak out rather than ask them to keep quiet, you’ll see the magic unfold. Girls are taught that they must look, talk, and behave like a ‘perfect girl’ from a young age. Women are expected to be people-pleasers. They are taught to be quiet, peaceful, and modest, among other things. These things are wrong; however, they are hesitant to voice themselves. That is mainly because they have a picture of a faultless girl in their subconscious thoughts, which they have to follow.  

Therefore, you must let the ladies in your life know how important they are. Encourage them and make them feel empowered. Don’t be afraid of your friends’ opinions. Instead, make sure they understand the importance of speaking up for themselves.  

Moreover, their individuality should be celebrated right from the beginning. Also, if you find any woman explaining her actions, gently remind her the simple reason of “because you want to” is adequate. 

Provide them Equal Job Opportunities  

Studies have shown that bringing female employment to male levels can increase GDP growth rates by 34%. Im[ortantly, discriminatory barriers against women can boost a country’s productivity by as much as 25%. Women tend to avoid employment unless it is necessary for their basic survival due to a lack of favourable working conditions, social security benefits, and a competitive income. 

However, these days more women are attending and graduating from college. Women are also more determined to take on leadership roles than ever before. However, many females continue to battle for equal rights in the workplace. 

Hence, we all should work towards providing women with equal job opportunities. Furthermore, increasing women’s participation in the workforce would be beneficial for improving their lives both at home and in the workplace.  

Speak up if you witness someone being mistreated in a meeting or on their paycheck. In the workplace, women must work together to empower one another. Indeed, you’ll get things moving with a bunch of strong and optimistic women working together as a team.  

Support Women-Led Businesses  

Running a business is a never-ending struggle for many women. Studies have proved that male entrepreneurs are twice as likely to raise $100,000 or more than females. Moreover, plenty of female entrepreneurs don’t get sufficient support for money and sweat equity. Therefore, never hesitate to invest your time and resources in women trying to make a difference. Your little support would definitely help them escalate their capabilities and achieve great things.  

Help them Connect to People  

Having the right connections is also another integral thing for empowering women. If you want women around you to succeed, you must help them build valuable professional relationships. This will help them get ample support and guidance to take their career up a notch.  

Moreover, you must also make efforts to connect women around you to people who can provide them with actual resources. This way, they won’t have to go about asking people in case of any need. Moreover, this will encourage them to move forward and not feel undervalued, overlooked, or undermined in any way.  

Take Less Experienced Women on Board  

Landing a good job is a back-breaking task, especially for women. The never-ending loop of needing the experience to get a job and a job to get experience make it all even worse. Therefore, if you have the power to hire people, never hold back from taking women with little experience on board.  

Moreover, even if you can’t hire anyone, you can always put them forward or suggest them to the people with respective delegation power. Men, on various occasions, are preferred over women in the corporate sector. Hence, we all must play our part in providing women with equal opportunities. If given a chance, women can surely perform exceptionally, even if they haven’t done that kind of work before.  

Accept and Embrace Individuality  

Many women have been conditioned to act in certain ways since their childhood. Consequently, they face difficulties in accepting and loving their true selves. However, this problem can be sorted out with little reassurance.  

Importantly, you should motivate them to be confident in their skin. Moreover, tell them to accept and embrace as they are. This way, people around them will also be appreciative of their individuality.  

Furthermore, this will also be beneficial in the face of gender bias. With more acceptance, women will not feel entitled to adhere to the stereotypical notion of femininity. Consequently, there will be a more significant number of strong, empowered women who don’t hold themselves back from showing the world who they are.  

Bottom Line  

On the bottom line, women have been marginalised for a very long time now. Therefore, it is high time to raise our voice for women’s rights. However, you must remember that empowering women always starts individually. Hence, do your best to support and encourage women around you. Let them know their true worth. Encourage them to ask for things they deserve. Indeed, the future generations of women will be thankful to you.  

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