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Opening Up To Your Partner

Written by Abdullah

Opening up and being honest with your significant other is an important step in your marriage. It makes sure that you and your partner are communicating all that you feel to each other. Opening up to your partner can be a challenging task to do, especially at the start of the relationship. However, as you progress into the relationship, things become easier. Still, you may need a few tips to open up to your partner. In this article, we will be doing just that.

Opening up is not an easy task, particularly for those who have gone through a lot and are not ready to share their traumas with anyone else. That is completely okay, but if you have the same feelings, you should know that opening up does lessen your worries. Opening up to your partner, especially, is especially important since there is clear communication about the things you feel.

In this article, we’ll take you through ways you can make yourself comfortable enough to open up with your partner.

Become Comfortable With Vulnerability:

Opening up is probably the best way to be vulnerable with your partner. However, it is not exciting for everyone. People sometimes may have a fear of vulnerability and may be scared thinking about how their partner would react. It is so beneficial to have that certain level of vulnerability with your partner. Opening up to your partner makes sure that you are vulnerable enough in front of your partner to talk about the things you feel.

Vulnerability is definitely a scary emotion for many. Not everyone is fine with being vulnerable to their partner. However, you must learn to be comfortable with vulnerability if you want to open up to your partner whenever you want to. Understand that it is not a negative emotion but something that will liberate your worries. Know that being vulnerable will make you show the real you to your partner, which will be a huge accomplishment in your relationship.

Make Honesty A Priority:

You must understand that honesty is the key to a good relationship. When you are completely honest with your partner, it makes your relationship stronger. Moreover, it becomes easier for you to open up when you are honest. When you try to hide something from your partner or lie to them, even opening up later becomes difficult because you know you haven’t been completely honest with them. So, make honesty a priority in your relationship.

Another thing, you shouldn’t be dishonest because you think your partner will judge you or not like you anymore. When you have a fear of failure or fear of being judged while opening up, the chances are that you will not be able to open up as transparently as you would before. So, the first thing you should keep in mind in a relationship is to always be honest with your partner.

Explain Your Sentiments:

It is essential for you to say what you really want to. However, your partner may not always understand that. It is through no fault of their own. Understand that your sentiments might not be clear to your partner because the reason that you are making vague statements. When opening up, we might have the wrong idea that our partner is aware of the actual matter. So, it is important to explain what you are saying whenever you are opening up to your partner.

For example, you saying “I have an issue” would not be enough for your partner to understand what issue you are talking about. It is advised to clearly state your statements to make sure that the person you’re talking to understands what you are trying to say. Miscommunication is one of the many harmful things to a relationship. When your partner doesn’t understand your feelings and thoughts, it may cause miscommunication which can ruin your relationship.

Help Your Partner Open Up:

Opening up to your partner becomes easy when you know that your partner will do the same to you if the need arises. You need to make it clear to your significant other that there is nothing wrong with them opening up to you. When you know that your partner will also open up given the opportunity, it becomes easier for you to get out of all your doubts and finally start opening up.

When helping your partner open up, keep in mind to have a two-on-two conversation. It is important to give an appropriate reaction to whatever your partner talks to you about, and it encourages future conversations. When your partner knows that you understand and react to the things they say to you, they become confident in opening up more to you.

Opening up to your partner is something often skipped by many people in relationships. However, it is essential that you communicate well with your partner. Opening up can open your relationship to new horizons, and you will feel a certain sense of safety and vulnerability which will improve your relationship in the long run.

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