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Places to Visit in Thailand

Written by Abdullah

Thailand is a common vacation destination for people around the world. It’s filled with hundreds of places that everyone would love to visit at least once in their lifetime. Thailand is also a great destination for couples to go on their honeymoon. However, as mentioned before, there are hundreds and hundreds of places that you can visit, and it can get difficult to choose. That’s why; we bring you this article in which we’ll be talking about places to visit in Thailand.

Thailand has it all, from long tropical beaches to chaotic cities and world-famous culinary traditions. It’s a collage of hustling and bustling modern cities that are crowded with people from all over the world riding in tuk-tuks, surrounded by abundant Buddhist temples. There are lush landscapes in Thailand in addition to the ancient ruins and the epic coastlines having breathtaking beaches.

In this article, let’s take you on a journey through Thailand, discussing the best places to visit in Thailand.


Chances are that you might not see this destination in many articles about Thailand. The reason is that Pai shows the rural side of Thailand. We can call it the road less taken for people who visit Thailand. It is a widely visited destination in Thailand’s Mae Hong Son province. It has become a favourite of tourists looking for a more relaxed and away-from-the-crowd destination. Of course, it has its own beauty with densely covered hills and hiking trails.

Pai has a lot to offer, from green mountains stretching into dark green fields with gigantic waterfalls and sceneries that look straight out of a movie. Pai offers all the authentic natural beauty of Thailand with a touch of Bohemian life. You’ll see a lot of organic food in Pai, as well as quirky cafes that offer authentic dishes from the cuisine of Thailand. There’s a lot to do in Pai, including the trail to Pai Canyon, a hot bath in the Pai Hot Springs and a day trip to the Tham Lod limestone cave system.

Khao Yai National Park:

Nang Rong waterfall, Khao Yai national park world heritage, Thailand

The Khao Yai National Park is a park located in the Sankamphaeng Mountain Range of Thailand. It is the third largest park in Thailand. You’ll get to see a lot of rainforests and grasslands around the Khao Yai National Park. The park has a wide number of waterfalls hidden among its natural beauty. The largest waterfall in the Khao Yai National Park is the Haew Narok waterfall which is a 260-feet-tall gigantic waterfall and a must-see for anyone visiting the park.

You will see an abundance of wildlife in Khao Yai National Park. Actually, the wide number of animals present in the Khao Yai National Park is a huge contributor to its popularity. There are plenty of wild creatures to be seen, including Asian Black Blears, Sambar deer, Crocodiles, and pig-tailed macaques. It is one of the only few places in the country of Thailand where you will be able to see bigger mammals like tigers and elephants just roaming around in the wild.

Koi Phi Phi:

The Koi Phi Phi Don is a part of the idyllic Phi Phi Island archipelago. It is situated in the Krabi province on the southeastern coast of Phuket. There is a wide variety of sun-soaked beaches in Ko Phi Phi Don, in addition to all the gorgeous limestone cliffs and the relaxed atmosphere. The beaches of Koi Phi Phi that attract the most tourists are Long Beach and Tonsai Bay. However, if you want to go to a beach where there are fewer people around, Phak Nam Bay is the perfect beach for you.

The hike all the way to the Phi Phi viewpoint is also not uncommon among tourists. You can hike all the way to the highest point of Phi Phi and see the extremely dramatic 360-degree sceneries of the entire island. The heart of Koi Phi Phi is the busy village of Tonsai. Tonsai has a wide number of mouthwatering eateries and lovely cafes where you can have authentic food from the cuisine of Thailand.

Chiang Rai:

If you are looking for trekking areas in Thailand, Chiang Rai is the right place for you. Chiang Rai sits right on the border of Laos and Myanmar and is pretty famous for its trekking tracks. The ever-moving tracks lead all the way up to picturesque mountains and beautiful waterfalls, one of which is the Khun Kon waterfall. You can also hike your way all up to the tribe villages on the hilltop and the amazing forests.

Just like most other cities in Thailand, Chiang Rai also has a wide variety of temples in the region. One of the most famous temples of Chiang Rai is Wat Rong Khun, otherwise known as the White Temple. It is technically not a temple anymore but a privately-owned compound. Other beautiful temples include Wat Tham Pla. Other places around and in Chiang Rai include Doi Tang Mountain and Wat Rong Suea Ten.

Thailand surely has breathtaking views. In addition to all the natural beauty in Thailand, the built environment is so refreshing that you cannot get enough of it. Thailand is the perfect place to be if you want to explore a fusion of natural and man-made beauty. In this article, we discussed some places to visit in Thailand; which one’s your favourite?

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