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Travelling is perhaps the best thing to do that’ll allow one to explore with their spouse. Moreover, it’ll help you boost yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Moreover, romantic destinations are not just a getaway or an escape from reality. But an experience that can implement a sense of realisation and importance. Hence, reminding each spouse that every moment is unique.
Here are some of the best romantic destinations you can visit with your spouse:

Venice: The Floating City

Venice, also known as the floating city; known for its mesmerising architecture, canals, no cars, and bridges. This city is the perfect romantic escape. The calm presence of water, the orange radiance of the sun, and the cosy atmosphere set both tone and mood. The city of love; best enjoyed during summer, when the warmth of the sun embraces and adds to the city’s beauty. Apart from being the perfect escape, there are a ton of things you and your spouse can do on this romantic destination getaway:
  • Italy is known for its Gelato, so why not treat your and your spouse’s taste buds with the sweetness of famous Italian Gelato. Enjoy the sweetness as you stroll in the pleasantly scorching Venice Sun.
  • A city of Canals where the soft water sways and the magnificent scenery encompasses. Take some time to enjoy the air and reflect. Perhaps one of the most romantic things to do in Venice is Gondola Rides. Riding in a Gondola can be expensive but, experiences say that it’s worth every penny. Riding in a Gondola- besides your partner capturing the city’s beauty all at once. What’s better than that?
  • Venice isn’t Venice without its mouth-watering and toothsome dishes. From risotto to Carbonara and from Carbonara to Fiorentina Steak and of course Pizza. Venice is full of both lavish and classy restaurants such as the likes of ‘Ristorante Quadri’, ‘Oro Restaurant’ to more budgeted restaurants such as Ogio and countless more. Some say that food is the way to the heart, so why not enjoy Venice’s riches with your spouse.

Maldives: Romantic at its peak.

The Maldives, also known as the ‘Maldives Islands’, is based in the north-central of the Indian Ocean. The Maldives, made from a chain of islands and considered a very lavish and expensive holiday destination. The island country is known for its crystalised blue ocean, clear blue skies, white beaches and huts. Although the holiday is high in price, it’s ultimately one of the most jaw-dropping and romantic destinations. Visiting would bring you, natural environment, relaxation, delicious exotic food and the best of services. Here are some romantic things you can do in the Maldives:
The Maldives is hugely known for its underwater hotels that embody lavishness and sum up an amazing escape. The peak of romance shows through the light of the blue ocean engulfing your underwater stay. The sleek and modern architectural attributes of each hotel are not only mesmerising but define comfort of the highest degree. What makes this stay even better is seeing all sorts of tropical fish. When all forms of luxury surround you while you watch fish. But the luxury doesn’t end here-there is also an upper level of this underwater hotel, allowing you to enjoy the upper and lower view.
As mentioned, The Maldives is a chain of many islands which means travel between each is possible. A part of romance itself can be channelled through exploration. When visiting The Maldives, you and your spouse can sail between islands in which you’ll find many local ones too. Visiting local islands will give access to many facilities, more exposure to beauty and; it’ll be a little adventure. The best local island for choice seems to be ‘The Kuramathi’.

Bali, Indonesia: a world of colour.

Bali is a tropical island in the country of Indonesia. The island is famously known for its amalgam of colours, tropical forests, temples, beaches, rich culture and countless more. Moreover, a popular romantic holiday destination. Visiting would bring you fantastic accommodation, a variety of activities that are both fun and romantic, extraordinary food and hospitality. Although it may be an expensive holiday, that isn’t always the case. Cheap food and accommodation are also present in Bali. Here are some ideas on what you can do in Bali for your perfect romantic getaway:
Desa Temukus:
Flowers and romance always tend to correlate positively. It conveys affection, admiration, and of course, love. In Bali, there are many awe-inspiring places and places that make the best of strolls. However, each destination is different and, so is ‘Desa Temukus’. A village with a nearby field covered entirely in Marigold. It is vibrant, fragrant, and eye-catching. Imagine a stroll under the gleaming sun in a silent manner. While doing this, symbolic flowers surround you. Furthermore, Marigolds symbolise optimism, the warmth of the sun, and good luck. To read more, visit ⦁ here.
Romantic Spa
Bali is known for its luxurious romantic couple spa’s. Sometimes the key to romance is physical well-being. A personal massage would help in this. Through the use of premium oils and handmade products, you can enjoy your very own Spa session with your spouse. Planning this activity will provide relaxation and set the mood with a room full of fragrance, where the candles are lit; and the body is at ease. To get more insight, visit ⦁ here.
Gitgit Waterfall
A waterfall easily accessible through roads is one visit that has to be made in Bali. Surrounded by rocks, taken over by the force of greenery as the tranquil water gushes down. Waterfalls make a perfect romantic occasion- they bring joy, peace and relaxation. Moreover, waterfalls such as the Gitgit Waterfall are tremendous places in which spouses can romantically connect and explore.

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