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Signs of Burnout

Written by Abdullah

In 2019, World Health Organization included burnout in the International Classification of Diseases as an occupational phenomenon. It has widely been accepted by mental health professionals all over the world that burnout is an occupational phenomenon. Burnout may occur due to prolonged exposure to workplace stress. It isn’t a medical condition itself but can give rise to depression-like symptoms. Moreover, it may cause you to feel completely exhausted or drained. In this article, we’ll discuss the signs of burnout that you must look out for to ensure optimal mental health.

Burnout may manifest itself through a number of symptoms. These symptoms may or may not be serious, but are often serious, as seen in workers. In recent years, considering the mental health problems that rose during the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in people being burnt out. The pandemic has created a new kind of burnout. This makes it so much more important for us to take care of our mental health to avoid burnout. Let’s look at some of the signs of burnout. Keep this in mind so you can keep an eye on these symptoms if you ever get them.

The symptoms mentioned below may or may not be present in everyone who experiences burnout. However, these signs of burnout are definitely widely seen among people who experience burnout. If you spot any of these symptoms in you or anyone around you, you should take immediate action to tackle these symptoms. Getting help from mental health professionals is essential in such cases.

Feeling Drained/Tired:

One of the most common and recognizable signs of burnout is feeling tired. Of course, the human body and mind can take so much work that, at one point, they will definitely feel tired and drained. You can also feel tired or drained without necessarily going through a burnout, but these feelings are more prominent when you are feeling burnt out. It is important to recognize when being tired is normal and when it becomes a sign of burnout.

Of course, if you keep working or doing one specific thing for a long time, you will feel tired. How this relates to burnout is that your feelings and emotions start piling up, and finally, when the symptoms hit, you start feeling drained and tired without even doing any work. This happens because your mind is fighting a battle of its own. So, even when you don’t do tiring work, your body and mind feel as if they are drained, tired, and unable to carry on.

Lack of Motivation:

Just like being tired, your mind loses all motivation. In these times, you are not able to work because there is no motivation to do so. Loss of motivation is one of the many signs of burnout that indicate that you should take things slow. When you have no motivation, you might start procrastinating and developing even more symptoms of burnout. This may cause your burnout to become more severe. So, if you tackle such symptoms, it is important to get immediate help.

Lack of motivation puts you behind in your work. This, in turn, can cause workplace stress. Workplace stress is among one of the most common things that are responsible for burnout. So, if you feel a lack of motivation and do not do anything about it, it may become a bad burnout in the end. It is important to have your lack of motivation checked out by a mental health professional if it is causing issues in your daily life.

Detachment from Emotions:

It is known that when you are under stress, your emotions are over-reactive. The case with emotions in burnout is completely different. In burnout, you feel that your emotions are blunted. You may detach yourself completely from your emotions when you are going through burnout. So, detaching yourself completely (involuntarily, but even voluntarily in many cases) is one of the major signs of burnout that you should definitely look out for. Once you start detaching from your emotions, you may be close to major burnout.

Dealing with detachment while you’re going through burnout is one of the most important things that you can do. It is important to take care of this aspect of your mental health to ensure that you do not completely detach from your emotions, which will be extremely bad for you in the long run. You should take all the required and necessary steps to ensure that you keep connected with your emotions. When you identify emotional detachment in your daily life, know that it is a sign of burnout that must be dealt with in a careful and efficient manner.

Burnout is not uncommon. 84% of millennial workers mentioned that they have experience burnout because of their job every once in a while. It is important to know to deal with it when burnout occurs. This is because if not carefully dealt with, the symptoms of burnout will cause your mental health to turn bad quickly, which can be harmful to you. So, it is important to know how to keep track of your mental health to look out for any signs of burnout if they appear.

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