Staying Safe



Special Matrimony: Keeping You Safe

Special-Matrimony is committed in giving you a safe and secure stage where you can search and discover your accomplice. We help our clients find the best matches, yet it is in light of a legitimate concern for a client to utilise their best judgement and survey someone else’s validity and enthusiasm for marriage. Our aim is to provide users with a pleasant experience when using our platform. We take all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our users. Each profile is manually verified by our admin team. If we detect any suspicious activity, we will take necessary action. Marriage is an important step in one’s life, you must be extra observant when choosing a life partner. Take your time and get to know the person before making any decisions. Despite all that we do to make the stage secure, we urge a couple of protections whilst using our platforms.

Safety Tips

  • Be careful sharing any personal information.

We at Special-Matrimony only ask for your email during the registration process, we do not share your personal information with anyone. Beware of individuals/groups who claim that they are part of Special-Matrimony, Requesting for your email and password for record purposes. We never approach you for your password on telephone, email, or face to face.

  • Never share your money related subtleties.

We strongly advise our users to not share their money-related subtleties such as account numbers, web-based financial qualifications, master card subtleties. If any user requests for any kind of favours, such as transportation of goods, store of assets for their sake, asking for you to loan them some cash, quickly stop any communication with that person, block and report them to the special matrimony team. Utilize good instinct judgement and do not make any choices in a rush.

  • Keep communication within the App.

For the safety of users, we advise keeping communication strictly on the Special Matrimony platform. Exchanging phone numbers, emails and social profiles at an early stage is not recommend as this can be an area which Scammers can target.

  • Discuss with Family & Friends.

Involve your family or close friends in your search for a life partner and do not take a decision unilaterally. Meet with a prospective companion in a safe and busy place, inform you family or friends regarding the gathering.

  • Warning signs during a conversation.

If you notice any display of anger, annoyance, deep frustration, efforts to control you, inappropriate behaviour, or any type of disrespectful comments. We advise blocking and reporting that individual.

  • Before meeting in person

Get to know each other well enough before meeting in person. We recommend that you use our video call and audio call service, this will allow you to get to know each other before arranging a meet up.

  • Arrange your own transportation.

Do not share a ride on your first meet up. We advise that you either drive, take public transport or ask a family member/friend to drive you to the meeting location.