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Travelling Tips

Coronavirus has badly affected the travelling industry over the world. Almost every tourist site in the world had been closed due to the pandemic. However, as the situation gets better, flights are opening and travelling has started again after a long pause. Travelling can be a great distraction from your daily lives, away from all the worries. 

As the world gradually comes to its previous hustle and bustle, people prefer to travel with their loved ones after staying at home due to the pandemic for a long time. Travelling is all fun and fulfilling. However, it does have its challenges. You can make many mistakes if you have just started travelling or are doing it after a long time. We at Special Matrimony encourage you to travel with your loved one (only if it is safe for you in the COVID-19 situation) and have researched the best travelling tips and tricks you can follow. 

Book early to get cheap flights:

Flights are the first thing you should book when you plan a trip. However, when you try to book a ticket not long before it is to take place, chances are that you will need to pay an increased amount of money for the ticket. The basic idea is that the closer your preferred date of travel is, the more expensive the ticket will be. So, why pay more for a ticket when you can book it early for a way cheaper price?

Booking a ticket early can help you get less expensive tickets. The first thing you need to do when you plan a trip is to book a ticket. You can always adjust things accordingly to the ticket that you have purchased. In order to book a cheap ticket long before it is due, you should check out apps and websites that offer the service. You can quickly check the fare for standard and budget flights through hundreds of flight-booking websites. When travelling internationally, try to look for connecting flights or flights that do not go directly to your destination. This way, you can save money and have more experiences at the same time. 

Travel first aid kit:

Travel First-Aid kit is probably the first thing you need to pack in your travel briefcase. Travelling internationally, you are not aware of the things that can affect you. Having a First-Aid kit in this situation can help you out. In addition, the medicines that you might need while travelling can be pretty expensive at where you are going. So, make sure to pack a First-Aid Kit having essentials. 

You should pack a First-Aid Kit containing Aspirin, bandages, gauze, surgical tape, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, alcohol pads, Paracetamol, to name a few. Always remember to keep the generic medicines in their original packaging if they need to be checked by customs officials. In addition, you might need to keep the list of recommended medication by your GP if you are going to take them with you in your first-aid kit. 

Make copies of documents:

You never know when unfortunate events can unfold that end up in you losing your passport or other important documents. Losing your passport can cost you your whole trip, which can cause the cancellation of an expensive trip, with booked hotels and all the plans. To avoid all this, you must keep photocopies of your passport and other essential documents with you at all times. It is always better to be cautious than to be sorry. 

Keeping the photocopies of the documents safe keeps them in a place other than where you are keeping the original documents. This can be a separate bag or another travel wallet that you can use as an alternate safekeeping wallet. This can help in the situation such as when you lose your original documents, and your photocopies would still be safe and easily accessible to you. 

Learn basic phrases of the local language:

When you travel to an unfamiliar place, remember that you went there to explore. That is the whole point of you travelling, escaping daily life to go live in a foreign place, experiencing unfamiliar events with unfamiliar people. It is always preferred to know the customs, traditions and language of the place you are travelling to, although it is not always necessary. But when you are aware of the ideas of the new place, you can fit in accordingly. 

However, suppose you travel to a place that has a different language than the one you speak. In that case, it is always beneficial for you to learn the basic phrases of that language to easily communicate with the local community and get to know more about them. In addition, you need language to express yourself and interact with the local people, so why not learn a few sentences and phrases?

Try new food:

Never be picky about food when you are travelling. Remember to try most of the local food. Although eating out can be good but do not do it every day. It can help you save money. Instead, buy groceries from local supermarkets or vendors, depending on where you travel to and try to follow the local recipes on your own! How bad can it be? Learn from the local people about the traditional foods and recipes and try them out yourself. 

In addition, if you are planning to eat at expensive restaurants, try to have lunch there as you can get the same food you get at dinner but almost half the price! Also, don’t be embarrassed to walk into a KFC, McDonald’s or Starbucks. You sometimes need familiar food, so the homesickness is not that intense. But try to try local food as much as possible. 

In times like these, it is advisable to know the situation of corona in the area you are visiting. Wear a face mask, maintain social distancing and sanitize your hands repeatedly during the day. But most importantly, remember to have fun!

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