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Why matchmaking might work for you 

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is love. There are many different types of love that a person receives and reciprocates. From parental attachment to the love you give to your pets, it is a unique feeling of inner satisfaction and a form of universal communication. 

Romantic love is the one type of love that encapsulates all such feelings. It has fragments of parental love attached to it and friendly platonic love. Your significant other is not just your partner but also your best friend. Finding someone who can do it all is the most important thing. 

However, many people still find it difficult to interact and form bonds. It is perfectly normal to have such feelings. Unfortunately, it prevents many people from having good experiences with their dates. More often than not, matters don’t progress too far. Instead of being heartbroken and hopeless, you can look on the bright side of things! 

This is where matchmaking can help such distressed individuals. Matchmaking is traditionally a process of setting up marriages between two people. However, in the current day, it primarily refers to setting up a date and then the two people taking it on from there. Professional matchmaking “agencies” help in matchmaking. However, a friend or family member can also help by setting you up with their mutual contacts.  

Let’s look at how matchmaking might be beneficial for you! 

Widespread Network: Contacting your local matchmaker will help you realize how many people they know. Matchmakers maintain databases with hundreds and thousands of people registered. These databases help you find someone with similar interests and likings. It also adds an element of security to the picture. This is because matchmakers carry out extensive research on their applicants to ensure they are not a threat to their potential matches. It is essential to prioritize safety in today’s evil world, and matchmakers do that vigilantly. 

Mutual Interests: one of the reasons that many relationships prosper is the two people in question having mutual interests and hobbies. It is more than likely that you resonate with someone with the same mutual interests as you. This also opens up the possibilities for future dates. It makes the transition to a healthy relationship easier and faster. 

You will end up having long conversations about your mutual interests with someone. Such discussions help you in getting to know a person to their core. Even if a relationship is not on the cards, you will indeed find yourself a friend! 

No anxiety for a date: It is often highly stressful for people to find a partner and secure a date. If you do have a date, there are chances that your anxiety doesn’t allow you to prepare well enough for it. This is where matchmaking helps. The matchmaker bridges the barrier of communication between two people. You can also gain preliminary information about your date. It will be helpful when preparing for the date e.g. buying a gift, ordering food etc. 

It is widespread and successful: Matchmaking is extremely common in some parts. The bride and groom’s families arrange approximately 8 in every ten marriages in South Asia. There are also scenarios when the couple meets on their wedding day. While this carries a wide array of consequences due to the severity of the commitment, most of them end up as happy marriages with healthy families. 

Preserves the family system: The widespread influence of social media has ruined what a meaningful and healthy relationship means. In recent years, hookup culture has taken over. This culture has damaged the family system of society.  

Youngsters looking to build meaningful bonds are intimidated by the possibility of getting exploited. This is very common nowadays and leaves a person scarred. Putting effort into a relationship means that you expect reciprocation; unfortunately, most people are only interested in using others.  

Matchmaking ensures you are getting set up with someone who has similar intentions to develop a bond. Not fearing the unknown in a relationship is truly a blessing. 

The drawbacks of online dating: In continuation to the point above, online dating applications also damage the dating environment. Finding someone to date nowadays is rare. Online dating makes this extremely easy. However, not everything that glitters is gold. Online dating has a wide array of issues associated with it, such as people catfishing one another.  

It is also common for people to be using online dating to find short-term partners. Furthermore, some dangerous people are out there who try to harm you and take advantage of you. Those trying to form meaningful relationships are the ones at a loss. Matchmaking is a way to find only those who step foot into the first date to go all the way. 

The Covid-19 pandemic: The pandemic has caused a rapid fall in the frequency of social events. Even though things have started to normalize in parts of the world, they still aren’t back to 100%. This makes meeting new people very hard, and matchmaking is a perfect solution. Many people had started feeling hard talking to others the same way they did before the pandemic ended social activity. 

Date Coaching: A massive perk of professional matchmaking is that they help you learn more about the nuances of dating. Many people don’t know what to do on dates, e.g. what kind of clothes to wear, how to converse formally, what not to talk about etc.  

Professional matchmakers can help you learn all about these things and much more. They will help both people present themselves appropriately for a date. As a famous saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression”. Matchmaking helps both parties leave an excellent first impression. 

The above are only some ways in which matchmaking can help individuals form meaningful, healthy relationships. If you are looking to use a matchmaking service, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavours! Remember that there is no substitute for true love, so give love and receive love! 

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