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Winning tips for parenting your teens 

One of the most exciting phases a couple goes through is raising their newborns to toddlers and finally to grown-up children. The discipline and beliefs that children learn during their pre-teenage years are almost always carried forward in life. However, the teenage phase is specifically hard for most teenagers and parents alike. 

Why is this so? 

As a child enters their teenage years, hormonal changes start occurring, leading them toward puberty. Early teenagers face a plethora of emotions due to the above reasoning. Alongside biological changes, the environment they encounter at school and with their colleagues also affects them. 

Your child may have friends with less strict parents allowing them a greater deal of freedom that could be harmful to them. In such a case, your child may end up feeling you are imposing unnecessary holds on them. Teenagers may enter a rebellious phase at such a point in their life and they may start lying to you. 

How parents need to react 

The above is just one of the countless examples of how early teenagers are negatively influenced by their surroundings and often fail to acknowledge the wisdom behind their parents’ concern for them. 

If parents react negatively through either violence, screaming, or imposing stricter holds then a teenager’s doubt will turn to firm belief. They will be convinced that their parents are only interested in policing them. Thus, parents’ reaction to a teenager’s mistake is the most important thing in the entire scenario.  

We will now look at a few ways you can successfully deal with any situation relating to your teenager! 

Maintain their privacy 

In the case that you need to talk with your teenager, you must make sure that you maintain their privacy. Parents usually end up lecturing their children in front of others and this is the worst thing you can do to their morale, self-respect, and confidence. 

Having all serious conversations behind closed doors is necessary. Make sure your other children, either older or younger, don’t get to know either. This ensures that your teenager understands you are concerned for them and want to make sure all is best for them. Otherwise, they will only think of it as a means of controlling and humiliating them. 

Be their friend 

A point that cannot be stressed enough is that your teenagers don’t need policing and control. Instead, they need you to be there for them as a friend would. The first step towards establishing this bond is forming a relationship that doesn’t have trust issues. 

Let’s say your teenager tells you about something that went wrong with them. If you end up retaliating and blaming them for whatever happened, this will be the last time they share something private with you.  

The correct move in this scenario is never to blame your teenager for what may have happened. You should offer them solutions that a friend would offer, with an added wisdom of parenting. The above is easier said than done, sometimes getting your point across is more important than the method used. 

The easiest way to convince yourself to stay calm is to understand that your child is now a teenager and will soon be facing the real world at college and work. They will learn how to solve their problems through your guidance and will emerge as adults who are brave and independent. All it needs is a little bit of patience and bravery while parenting them. 

Teach them key life skills 

One of the biggest issues young adults face is the lack of basic life skills. This leads to them becoming irresponsible adults and they have to learn things the hard way. These skills include: 

Cleaning up after yourselves: Be it at school or home. Cleaning up after you are done eating or working is crucial. This skill not only makes sure your teenager will be disciplined but will also help them become more organized. The overall impact will occur on their entire personality, not just their ability to clean up a mess. 

Driving: Most countries in the world allow teenagers who are at least 16 to obtain their learning permits for driving. Parents should make sure they teach their children how to drive to ensure that they become responsible drivers. This will help them feel independent and safe when they are adults. 

Cooking: Perhaps the most important skill that most teenagers lack is cooking. By cooking, we don’t mean lavish meals instead basic meals that will help them cut down costs when they are at university. It also ensures that they don’t resort to eating out most of the time as that isn’t the healthiest habit to have. Cooking is also therapeutic and a great way to channel your inner creativity. 

Keep them connected to family 

One of the key problems caused by modern-day lifestyle is the disconnect between families. Children hardly get to interact with their cousins while growing up. Being connected to your distant family is always a good way to make sure your child is interacting with others. It also helps them appreciate the value of family and have valuable bonds with others. 

Stay in touch with other parents 

Try to get to know the parents of other kids at your teenager’s school. This will help you gain trust in the type of friends your child is interacting with. Furthermore, you can discuss matters with the parents of other teenagers and ask them how they are dealing with particular scenarios.  

Ensure your teen gets physical activity 

Most teenage issues are caused by emotional instability due to hormonal changes, as stated at the beginning. The best way to channel their inner energy is to make sure it is utilized in an activity that benefits them. If your teen likes a sport then make sure they play it, alternatively, you can go on walks or jogs together.  

This will also help keep them in shape and will encourage them to adopt healthier lifestyle habits at a young age. The long-term benefits of doing so are also abundant.  

Winning tips for parenting your teens

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