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Syra Salam

The Big Apple! New York City, rightly claimed as the ‘City that never sleeps, has covered it all. From lazing at enchanting ruby-red stairs at The Times Square to a relaxing stroll in Central Park just to escape the hustle of life. A week at the most featured City of Hollywood should suffice for a tourist. However, with time and budget constraints, a wanderlust soul would love to explore the adjoining areas of New York City. 

Here we have listed some popular activities as your absolute guide to the Big Apple and its vicinity.

The radius and map would give a plethora of options to choose from. Visit the Capitol at Washington D.C., a shopping spree at the new Jersey Woodbury outlet mall, or even an eight-hour drive to neighbouring Toronto, is not a bad idea either. 

The latter would give one the experience of much raved upon Niagara Falls. However, with pandemic taking a toll and unpredictable hotel quarantine rules for tourists in Canada, it might not seem like a good idea. The good news is that you can still enjoy various activities we have searched for you in the Big Apple and its vicinity. 

Jaw-dropping attraction in the The Big Apple: New York City

You must be well acquainted with attractions in New York City, aka, The Big Apple, from the blockbuster movies shot in the magnificent City. So let us walk you through the most tourist attractions.

Empire State Building 

The observation deck of the Empire State Building is great to witness the New York skyline amongst Top of the Rock and One World Observatory decks.

9/11 Memorial

Surely an emotional site to visit, the 9/11 memorial site indicates the nation’s resiliency to come out strong amid the tragedy.

Brooklyn Bridge

A walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and the mandatory picture is not missed when in the Big Apple. In addition, you can catch amazing Manhattan views.

Time Square

A trip to NYC is incomplete without visiting the happening Time Square. The hustle-bustle is truly ‘addictive. Name any renowned brand, and you will find it there along with street vendors selling delectable. You can also get souvenirs at great prices from the street shops here. 

Central Park

What better way to relax after visiting the iconic Times Square and witnessing its loud sights and sounds. Central park is not to be missed with a zoo that was the life of the animated movie Madagascar and an ice skating rink in winters. 

American Museum of Natural History

Remember the Museum from the movie Night in the Museum? This is the same exciting Museum that you can visit off Central Park West within walking distance. Exhibiting rich historical items, it also covers land, sea and outer space displays.

Statue of the Liberty

Though not in Manhattan located on Liberty Island, you can reach there via ferry. It can be taken from the Lower Manhattan area. To avoid a long queue, try to visit early morning. 

What to explore outside New York City

Scrolling through your list of possible escapades around New York City, we have got a quick list figured out for you regarding the most recommended things to do.

A joy ride at Six Flags Great Adventure!

With less than an hour drive from NYC, New Jersey Six Flags has a treat for you. Be geared for the pulse-pounding ride on the roller coasters and the Drive-thru Safari to connect with nature.  The exhilarating ride at Bizarro and Cyber SPIN, coupled with the adrenaline rush experience on Dare Devil Dive and Green Lantern, is not to be missed. Moreover, the kids’ rides will take care of your little ones as Air Safari and little buggy rides are bound to entertain them. The relishing snacks and scrumptious fast food available in the vast array of stalls are undoubtedly worth making a memory of.

Do in Philadelphia, as authentic Philly’s does!

A 1.5-hour drive to Philadelphia might look like a viable option. One will get to experience the much talked about Liberty Bell, pose around the Rocky Statue, Have the mouth-watering Rocky Cheesesteaks and listen to the mesmerizing Philadelphia Orchestra. However, love Park is a highlight not to be missed. Living up to its name as the City of Brotherly Love, the Love Park in Philadelphia is a must-visit site. In addition to shading green trees, walking trails and relaxing benches, it is bound to revive your life!

Get acquainted with U.S. roots in the Capitol.

A free of charge sightseeing around Washington D.C. will take you back when the U.S. got independence. It’s an excellent opportunity to be connected with the past and reflect on the history of one of the greatest nations.  Moreover, Capturing your picture with the majestic U.S. Capitol and the White House in the background is a must! In walking distance, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall and Washington Monument is captivating experience.


So, if you have explored the entire ‘Gotham’ and still have days before boarding the flight back home, all the attractions mentioned above are calling you loud and clear to have the time of your life! We hope that this absolute guide to the Big Apple and its Vicinity will benefit you when planning your itinerary. Check out here for updated sightseeing information. 

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